June 10, 2005

G60: Cubs 14, Red Sox 6

Jeez, the 1918 Cubs scored only 10 runs in the entire six-game World Series. Of course, that was the Deadball Era (the title-winning Red Sox scored just nine).

Good Things: David "Two-HR" Ortiz likes to hit at Wrigley. The Cardinals beat the Yankees 8-1.

Bad Things: Bronson Arroyo and Alan Embree threw what amounted to batting practice in the Friendly Confines (15 hits and 10 runs in their five combined innings). And Baltimore beat Cincinnati 4-3.


jon gitelson said...

I was at the game.
It was rough

Timmy Mac said...

You know, I understand that this team's going to lose sometimes, but I would like to watch a halfway decent ballgame from time to time. You know, the kind where we haven't lost by the second inning...?

Johnny said...

That was a painful game and even worse than a wasted day of work on GameDay on MLB.com.
We need a bounce back game and a strong performance by Wade Miller.