June 13, 2005

G62: Red Sox 8, Cubs 1

Mirabelli returns from the DL and Wakefield gets right back on track (seven innings, four hits, one run, plus a single and a run scored) ... dismissed as coincidence?

Four home runs at Wrigley -- Youkilis in the first to cap a nine-pitch AB, Damon in the fifth (he also doubled and tripled), Manny in the seventh and Payton in the ninth.

A solid victory -- accomplished without Ortiz, Nixon, Varitek or Mueller in the lineup -- moving to within three games of Baltimore (can we stop flip-flopping between 3GB and 4GB and win a few in a row, please?), and back home to Friendly Fenway to face the Reds.

It's a shame we won't get to listen to Joe Morgan (who apparently took some extra dumb pills last night) announce any of those games.

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Clement / Eric Milton at 7:00.

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Johnny said...

NIce win by the Sox to take one out of three. I hope MIrabelli's return continues to bode well for Wake.