August 10, 2005

G112: Red Sox 8, Rangers 7 (10)

1. Edgah! Two more errors in the field (and he was spared a third thanks to a nice scoop at first by Millar (!)), but Renteria atones with a line drive single down the left field line that scores Mueller with the winning run in extras. ... Did you see the way Manny and Wakefield were pounding on his head in the on-field celebration?!

2. So who do we get when Remlinger is DFA'd? ... He threw 27 pitches to four batters; they all reached base and they all scored. Part of the blame has to go to Francona. While having him pitch in a 7-2 game is ideal, Remlinger isn't so good against lefties. Who did Tito bring him in to face? Dellucci (L), Young (R), Teixeira (S) and Blalock (L). The start of the seventh might have been a better spot for Myers.

3. The score was 7-2 after six innings. After Dellucci doubled and Remlinger walked Young, I said (more as a joke): "We better not win this game 8-7." Laura corrected me: "No, we better not lose this game 8-7." ... After Remlinger and Bradford thoroughly soiled the sheets, Myers did come in to face Dellucci -- nine batters late?

4. The Rangers were all over the basepaths in the first seven frames, though Clement held things together. Myers, Timlin and Schilling retired 10 of the last 11 Texas hitters over the final 3.1 innings.

5. I knew Schilling could pitch three or four innings, so I was pretty sure we'd win. I would have loved a Manny walk-off, or even something from Millar, but really, Renteria deserved to get the game-winner.

6. I have no idea where to put this, so it goes here. In Monday night's SoSH game thread, there was this exchange:
ookami7m: Millar has gone 54 games without a HR - when do the Millar was juiced conversations start?

LahoudOrBillyC: They have already started. I spent the past four days at the SABR convention in Toronto, and was involved in several conversations about 'roids. The people there were from all over the country, and included members of the media, a few club employees. There is no person in baseball more suspected than Millar. This one writer told a group of us that everyone in Florida knew Millar juiced there.
I have noticed that Millar has little more than edge-of-the-warning-track power these days.

7. An arbitrator has shortened Kenny Rogers's suspension to 13 games -- and he and his 2.77 ERA will pitch against Arroyo tonight. ... Look for Yankee Bob to schedule Wells's hearing and subsequent suspension right after Labor Day -- a few days before he's set to face the MFYs.

8. Jose Contreras shut down the Yankees, who lost 2-1. New York trails Boston by 4.5 games -- and are closer to third place than first.

9. Speaking of the Yankees, one of their fans, on a dare, leapt from the upper deck onto the protective screen behind the plate. He and his friends were wondering if it would support his weight. ... Hello, Darwin Awards?


Anonymous said...

I, too, wonder when Tito will go see a doctor regarding what may have become a terminal case of ulna crocodilius (alligator arms), as a lead of 5 or 7 runs no longer seems comfortable given his reluctance to use the hook (Delcarmen on Sunday; Remlinger last night).

Interesting to note, however, that our new embedded Cubbie, Remlinger, was all Swedish and no finish. He immediately jumped ahead of each of hitter 0-2, only to be unable to induce a K or putout. Was it brains, balls or both that kept Plymouth's own from being able to close the deal?As the record will show, Clement deserved a better outcome.

While this 4-hour, 13-minute epic of fielding and pitching futility was excruciating enough to watch(saved only by the outcome), it was all the more difficult to watch here in Texas with the NESN feed on the dish preempted by Fox Sports SW with the itinerant chucklehead and Rangers color man, Tom Grieve.

His unabashed affection for all things Rangerm inane analysis, and incessant bleating about the ump squeezing the strike zone on the Rangers' pitcher take the term homer to a new level. For those of you who take Remy and Orsillo for granted, two words of advice - don't. Ever.

As a play-by-play guy, Rangers broadcaster Josh Lewin is serviceable, but I would rather take out my own appendix than ever have to listen to another game with Grieve providing his arcane observations and mindless musings.

grunherz said...

"Yankee" Bob Watson has a new job. He is now GM of USA Baseball.

No more obviously pro-Yankee biased calls from him on disciplinary matters.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty interesting about Millar and what people are saying at the SABR convention.

Real interesting actually, I hope it's not true, however everyone's suspect. It's going to be hard for a ball player to have an off year or a great year without some eyebrows being raised...

- Derek (

Anonymous said...

That guy jumping out of the upper deck just goes to show how STUPID Yankees fans are as a whole! I've never heard of a Sox fan doing something that dumb!

Anonymous said...

what about hitting a player on the field?

mouse said...

The Kenny Rogers thing is absolutely unbelievable. And of course, it happens just in time so he'll get to face the Red Sox.

Good news? He hasn't pitched since July 26 (except for side sessions) so there's a good chance he's rusty. Better news? Last start he had at Fenway (July 10, 2004) he got positively shallacked:

1.2IP, 9H, 8ER

Boston went on to win that game 14-6. So here's to hoping the Sox can stick it to him again.

redsock said...

I knew Y. Bob had a new job title, but I also thought he was still had some control over "discipline."

I was at the Stadium when another guy fell onto the net (was it a Sox game?). He laid there for a few minutes -- completely still. And play went on for a little bit until someone noticed. We thought he had been knocked out.

As he was crawling up to the loge to be arrested, he raised his arms in the air like he had won a heavyweight bout. Loser.

Interesting how so little has been made of the Yankee fan taking a swipe punch at Podsednik the other night. ...

L-girl said...

That guy jumping out of the upper deck just goes to show how STUPID Yankees fans are as a whole!

The guy was white. I think it shows how STUPID white people are as a whole.

redsock said...

ESPN: "It was the second time in five years a fan dropped from the upper deck at Yankee Stadium. In May 2000, 24-year-old Stephen Laurenzi of Yonkers, N.Y., was unconscious for a short time while sprawled on the net as a game between Boston and New York went on."

Going into the Redsock Archives, the game was Friday, May 26, 2000. It happened as the Red Sox began batting in the top of the fourth inning. Jeff Fyre grounded out 3-1 against David Cone.

My scorecard note: "delay of game - fan fell during bot 3 - motionless 10 min - now smiling, hands up - crawls back up - 8:14 - 8:19"

Boston, behind Ramon Martinez, won the game 4-1.

Devine said...

I've been curious about that, too, Redsock. That guy at Fenway was a jerk, but at least the contact (if it existed) was more brushing. The photo I've seen from the more recent game looks like a fist held out into the oncoming face of Posdednik. Why isn't that dude banned for the season from games?

Oh, and Yankees lose a squeaker (again) to the White Sox.

redsock said...


i've seen the photo -- and it's a bit deceiving. it looks like he's really clocking podsednik, but it was more of a swipe.

i saw the video and it's surprisingly a lot like house/sheffield, really (except podsednik didn't go into 'roid rage and "restrain" himself). ... and every mediot isn't calling this recent incident the end of western civilization.

has anyone claimed the guy in the left field stands was really an out-of-control red sox fan??? :>)

Blaha said...

If Podsednik made a huge fuss about it im sure people would be talking about it more. Also Podsednik isn't a star like Gary Shefield.

Devine said...

Nor was it a Red Sox-Yankees game, where everyone's waiting for the next big (over)blow(n)-up.

Interesting that the contact was fairly incidental, redsock. I'd never have guessed from the photo.

L-girl said...

delay of game - fan fell during bot 3 - motionless 10 min - now smiling, hands up - crawls back up - 8:14 - 8:19

Everyone was concerned about him. He seemed to be out cold, we thought he might be unconscious. Then after 10 minutes of everyone worrying about his well being, the asshole sits up and throws his hands in the air! I think it was loudest booing I ever heard at Yankee Stadium - until Chuck Knoblauch.