August 25, 2005

G124: Royals 4, Red Sox 3 (11)

You know the cliches: On any day, one team cam beat another, the best team will lose about 60 games, the worst team will win about 60, etc., etc., etc. ... But the Red Sox should not be losing extra inning games to the Royals.

Should. Not. Be.

Especially when (a) Matt Clement pitches seven decent innings, although he, like all Boston pitchers, had trouble with David DeJesus; (b) Kevin Millar hits a home run (his first road blast since September 28, 2004); and (c) Edgar Renteria has another three-hit game, reaching base four times total.

But lose they did, with Bronson Arroyo on the mound for the 10th and 11th innings. Arroyo dug his own hole with two four-pitch walks in the 11th. ... Plus, the Red Sox wasted loading the bases in the fifth, sixth, and seventh innings, scoring zero runs.

Mike Timlin has thrown 122 pitches in the past six days: 28 pitches Friday, 34 on Sunday, 34 on Tuesday, and 26 last night -- when he wriggled out of a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the bottom of the ninth. ... Why Terry Francona put him in for the final inning on Tuesday with a 5-0 lead is a mystery.

Curt Schilling makes his first start since April 23 tonight at 8:00. He is expected to throw about 75 pitches. Jeremi Gonzalez -- with a streak of 11.2 consecutive scoreless innings -- will be available for long relief.


peter* said...

A one run lead with Timlin coming in to finish the game. That scares me. Hopefully we won't need him tonight with Schill/Papel going.

Blaha said...

Anyone out of the pen scares me this year...well maybe not the recent surge of Gonzalez.

mouse said...

TO KC's credit, they have a lot of strong young arms in their bullpen. And for whatever reason, flamethrowing rookies give Boston's veteran sluggers trouble. (see also: Ervin Santana)

It was a stupid, sucky loss that for once, wasn't the fault of the pitching staff. I try to find solace in the fact that even if they should (God forbid) lose tonight's game, Boston's season record against KC would still be 4-2, whereas the best the Yankees can hope for is 3-3. [Snicker]

When a team strands the bases loaded three times in three innings, it kinda deserves to lose. Those bats better wake up tonight against Lima.

Blaha said...

Oh they definatly better, the Yankees one this afternoon and I really don't want to see them 2.5 back.