January 28, 2006

Crisp Deal Finalized

The Coco Crisp deal is official.

Concern on Cleveland's part about Guillermo Mota's physical meant that Boston had to sweeten the deal, throwing in another player (to be named later, but not Manny Delcarmen) and more than $1 million.

The final trade:
Get              Give
Coco Crisp Andy Marte
David Riske Guillermo Mota
Josh Bard Kelly Shoppach
$1 million
(It turns out that the Sox did not ask either Mota or Josh Beckett to undergo physicals before trading for them (?!?), a decision that shocked the hell out of former team physician Bill Morgan.)

The Sox also signed Dustan Mohr, 29, to a minor league deal. Mohr will be in the mix for the fourth outfielder spot as a possible platoon partner for Trot Nixon.

Worth reading: Sports Guy Bill Simmons's interview with Curt Schilling. Also, the latest issue of GQ lists "The Ten Most Hated Athletes" (as ranked by their peers), and Schilling came in at #4. ... Also from the list, a story about A.J. Pierzynski, who finished #9:
The most telling of the many, many (seriously, you wouldn't believe how willing people were to talk about this guy) Pierzynski anecdotes we heard took place during spring training in 2004. Pierzynski, crouched behind the plate, took a pitch to the groin. Rushing to his aid, trainer Stan Conte asked him how he felt. "Like this!" Pierzynski grunted, then savagely kneed Conte in the balls.


Jack Marshall said...

I cannot imagine what some of you guys don't like about this deal, under the circumstances. The Sox had no other good options, and were dealing from weakness, and Cleveland knew it. Marte is still a prospect...if he had last year's stats as a MAJOR leaguer, I'd still swap him for Crisp. If Lowell tanks, the Sox already have a good third baseman in the wings: Youk. It's a whole lot easier to find a first baseman than a centerfielder.
Riske is good, and Shoppach was obviously never going to play...this was a trade of AAA catchers.

Sean O said...

You're willing to throw away a top 5 prospect in all of baseball because of 57 at bats at the age of 21?

The bottom line is, this deal changes nothing. We still have no chance of making the playoffs this season, and we are far, far, far weaker for the future. Crisp needs to hit about .380 for us to even have a chance to beat the Yankees and Jays, and he clearly isn't going to even approach that.

It solves none of our problems other than put a warm body in center, and screws our future. And that's what I don't like about this deal.

I really hope i'm wrong, but I can't find a single sign that says I am.

DanM said...

Well, the deal is done . . . I think it will do us well - for several years.

Marte is a great prospect - but, a prospect none the less. When one plays sports one should never play for next week, next year, next five years. The game is to played for now, otherwise one learns how to rationaize defeat. Investing in one's self, one's team is something that goes on WHILE one plays the game.

Sean is right on one issue though - Marte would not help the Sox win in 2006. Marte MIGHT have helped the Sox win in 2007 or beyond. Marte's ability to help the 2006 Indians best the Sox is without foundation - and no one has claimed he will, a telling fact all by itself.

Like it or not Coco has a much better chance at helping us win WHILE we continue to build the team. Coco is 26 - lots of playing years left, so it isn't a one year deal either.

One last thought about "hang on to Marte at all expense", is this. He is a 270 power hitter in AAA - not the big leagues. If 270 power hitters were such a phenom in MLB then Dave "King Kong" Kingman would be in the HOF.

Worrying about what might be is of little comfort for those who are busy getting it done right now!

Welcome aboard Coco!

On to SS (can Cora make it at SS if he is called on??) and then to Fort Myers!

Jack Marshall said...

Sean: First, Marte was traded for value; he wasn't "thrown away." Second, I find myself reviewing in my mind all the "top prosppects" through the years who never amounted to much. Oddibe McDowell. Brad Komminsk. Clint Hurdle. Sam Horn (Sorry, Sam). Daryl Sconiers. Bob Bailey. Joe Foy (RIP). Phil Plantier. There are so many of them. And don't get me started on pitchers...remember "can't miss" Brian Rose? Tony Armas, Jr.?

Honestly, I really find your pessimism inexplicable except from sentimental attchments to Millar, Meuller, Damon, at al. The team is younger, much deeper on the mound, better defensively, and has a good chance to stay at or near the top in offense.

Devine said...

Sean, I'll give you that perhaps our starters aren't fantastic (let's say Schilling and Beckett have middling seasons), and the hitting MIGHT not be that great, depending (though I think we'll be fairly happy with Loretta, Crisp, Ortiz, Manny, and Tek--barring injury). I'll also give you that our defensive outfield is awful. However, doesn't the improvement of the bullpen and the mostly-gold-glove-caliber infield give you any hope? I must say, after the Crisp thing, I'm excited for the season to start. I can't believe we managed to improve our bullpen even on a deal we basically HAD TO MAKE. That's without considering the "cheaper and/or younger" aspect the whole offseason seems to have been pointed toward.

We shall see whether Marte-Crisp was a mistake or not, but for now, I can't wait to get started. This is the first time I've been excited to hurry up and get to April, all ready!

Jack Marshall said...

Pitching aside (and this is the deepest set of Sox starters they have had since the late 70s), I must say I don't get the logic behind the big offensive production fall-off theories. The Sox were subpar offensively at first, second and third last year, and should be able to improve on the infield production unless Lowell completely tanks. The mainsprings of the offense, except for Damon, are intact, and Crisp will come awfully close to Damon. Some fall-off is probable (they predicted fall-off last year), but significantly fewer runs? It doesn't figure.