May 16, 2006

G36-37-38: Red Sox at Orioles

G38 has its own post, above.

0516, 8:45 PM -- In 15 minutes, we head to the Lima airport for our overnight flight to New York City. From there, we will grab a 9:30 am flight to Buffalo, where our car awaits. Then, it's over the border and west to Port Credit.

Coco Controversy? The Red Sox have said Coco Crisp's recovery has been slowed by flu-like symptoms, but according to the Manchester Union-Leader, Crisp told an event coordinator at an autograph show in Salem, NH, that he was dealing with kidney stones. Why the secrecy?

With no DH in Philadelphia this weekend, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and Mike Lowell will each play two of the three games.

0515, 9:10 PM -- While flipping cable channels in our room after returning from dinner and vino in Lima, I ended up seeing Keith Foulke pitch the bottom of the 9th on ESPN2. Nice!

Wily Mo Pena drove in four runs, with a two-run homer in the second and a two-run single in the third. ... Jason Varitek scored four times and Mike Lowell smacked his fourth career triple (in 3,697 at-bats). ... Josh Beckett (who celebrated his 26th birthday with a 7-2-1-0-6 line), Julian Tavarez and Foulke combined on a three-hitter.

Texas came from behind to beat the Yankees 4-2, so Boston leads New York in the East by one game.

Don't miss the excellent feature on Pedro Martinez and his Greenwich, Conn., garden that ran in the Times back on May 9.

The only logical reaction to Bill Reynolds's column in the Providence Journal, headlined "Seems Only Money Is Sacred At Fenway"? Welcome to Planet Earth, Bill.

Preview. Red Sox play down the road from Babe Ruth's birthplace (the book section of the Museum's online store is particularly nice!). All games at 7 PM.
Monday, May 15: Red Sox 11, Orioles 1
Tuesday, May 16: Red Sox 6, Orioles 5
Wednesday, May 17: Orioles 4, Red Sox 3


Jack Marshall said...

Morons at the Mike, Baltimore Edition: during tonight's game, Buck Martinez made the expert observation that "the Red Sox re-tooled their offense this year, and are no longer dependent on the home run." Pop Quiz: What home run hitters, defined as players who hit more than 15 in 2005,did the Sox get rid of this winter? ANSWER: None. And, naturally, the Sox hit 3 dingers during the game.

By the way, I'd STILL trade Arroyo for Wily Mo.

suzy lux said...

beckett was amazing tonight. it seems only tejada could manage to even get the bat on the ball through the 7 innings he pitched, and the only run of two hits came on his line drive home run that would have been a wall-ball single at fenway.

he came out of the game after 80 pitches and people are talking about his blister and everything. i don't know whats up with that, but obviously becks has a long, crazy history with his blister situation. so maybe it's time to look at 'alternate medicine' fellas. and i don't mean ointments, salves and the like. maybe a little mind over matter is in order?

Jack Marshall said...

False alarm, Suzy...the Globe says no blister, and my friend on the club beat confirms it. The O's do not have an easy line-up. Whatever has stood between Beckett and a 20 game season, it can't be much.
Even with Hanley tearing up the NL as a rookie, getting Beckett and Lowell looks like a steal at this point.

Zenslinger said...

Not sure what the big deal is about Beckett -- you'd think they'd be looking at his damn finger constantly. This is the first time the cameras caught it?

Tues. Night:

Nice first inning. O's pitching looks rather helpless against Sox power already. And Texas scores, then scores again on E-8. That's you, Johnny!

Zenslinger said...

Hate the Yanks as much as anyone, but that 2nd inning of theirs was painful even watching on the Internet. Good to see one of their big hopes, Chacon, getting hit, but...that's just ugly. 7-run 2nd inning. Ew.

suzy lux said...

^^not as bad as giving up 11 runs in the 9th to lose the lead (and the game)
that happened last year to..either the cards or the phils, can't remember which. but oh man. i would seriously concede life if i were that pitcher.

i don't feel a bit bad about what happens to the yankees. ever.


lol ;D

Devine said...

Especially when that team proves they can come back from it.

But the Sox won theirs despite another shaky Schilling outing. And that's what matters.

Zenslinger said...

Yeah, I'll never make the mistake again of feeling bad for the Yanks.