May 23, 2006

G43: Yankees 7, Red Sox 5

Frustrating outcome, as Tito leaves Wakefield in one batter too long in the 7th. I really thought Boston would prevail, even down 7-1, but I was laughing and joking at home throughout the game, even through Mohr's game-ending K. ... The ripple effect of 2004 continues.


Interesting bottom third of the order tonight:
Youkilis, 1B Damon, CF
Loretta, 2B Jeter, SS
Ortiz, DH Sheffield, DH
Ramirez, LF Rodriguez, 3B
Nixon, RF Posada, C
Lowell, 3B Cano, 2B
Cora, SS Williams, LF
Mirabelli, C Long, RF
Harris, CF Phillips, 1B
Wily Mo scratched again. ... Is Cora #7 so the Sox can have LRLRLR in the 3-8 spots? That seemed weak with Pena at #9, but more forgiveable with Harris. ... The Sox should run wild on that outfield; lossen up your right arm, DeMarlo!

Ian Browne reports that the New York media crushed the Boston media 15-0 earlier today (their 9th straight win). Tyler Kepner of the Times threw eight shutout innings (a complete game). The Globe's Chris Snow started, but didn't make it out of the second inning, allowing 10 runs in 1.2 innings. The Boston linescore: 0 runs, 5 hits, 10 errors. Ouch. ... A second game is scheduled for June 7.


s1c said...

What is most surprising to me is that Gonzalez is not starting again after Tito came out and said that he started Cora because of the atmosphere in the globe today.

suzy lux said...

tito totally bullshits. or tries to.
also i think he thinks alot of cora, and gonzo going 0-17 before that homer in philly doesn't help his cause.

brian said...

I have no problem with Cora starting. He gives us qualitys AB's when he starts and isn't much of a drop off on D.

Let's get another one tonight.

suzy lux said...

it's like clockwork. we don't give wake run support when we have the chance(s), and then his knuckler vanishes, he walks guys, and then he has to go to his 'fastball' which is so easy to hit.

suzy lux said...

can tek maybe *not* swing at the first pitch while pinch-hitting in the 9th in the future? thx.

crissssssssssp. come back so the bottom of lineup may not suck quite so badlyyyy(((
i'll take yr gd red sox nation card. you play ;D

Jack Marshall said...

A real Grady move by Tito. I was screaming at the TV. If the Sox lead 5-4 and Wake walks two straight with ARod coming up in the 7th, is there ANY question that he'd go to the pen? Well, the logic still holds.
I think we were seeing how little faith Tito has in Taveras at this point.

Tek is a just awful pinch-hitter. And presumably Wily Mo is hurt, because having Mohr as your last hope is no hope at all.

suzy lux said...

a lead in that situation is different from a deficit tho. would you really wanna see tavarez come in to face a-rod with two on in scoring position?
the knuckler wake threw to a-rod wasn't even that bad of a pitch, it was down. even a-rod didn't know where it went after he hit it.

that game was spoiled early on. johnny set the tone with the homer. and then twice we had two on with noone out but couldn't capitalize.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

I'm feeling gypped because I missed Schilling's gem on Monday night (sick as a dog) though I read all about it, had to deal with an emergency Tuesday and missed all but the 8th and 9th on NESEN (guess I saw the best part).

The fustration: NY 7 hits, 7 runs, 3 RLISP: Sox 10 hits, 5 runs, 13 RLISP. That part must have been fustrating to watch.

Hope I can see RJ and Clement duel tonight in the rubber match.

The Globe sports section was very good this Wedensday morning though with an excellant wrap by Chris Snow, a McMullan peice on Sheffield, and a Edes piece on A-Rod.

Johnny D. enthuses about what a great teammate A-Rod is after trashing him last year. Interesting in the context of the sports psychologist that A-Rod and others players employ who was profiled in yesterday's Globe.

Tito was caught saying something smart about the bottom of the line-up and how the runs pile up when they are hitting.

That may be how this team lives or dies this year, how the bottom half of the order performs consistently and how the back-half of the pitching rotation performs.

Can Clement put together good outings back to back? Can we drive in some runs when Wake pitches.

Damn, what would our W-L record be if we'd scored runs behind Wake? We coulda been on pace for 107 wins.

What kind of indictment did Franco pass on Gonzalsez, or did that idea come down from on high? Cora did good last night. Is it possible he will take over at short?

What's with the passed balls? Was the knuckler moving that much and if so why were the Yanks so successful -- well seven hits were'nt too bad, but two of those hits, whew . . .

Jack Marshall said...

Yes, the knuckler was super-nasty in the 6th. Three Ks, remember. Can't blame Mirabelli, but I bet Josh Bard and John Flaherty are smiling....

Suzi: yeah, you wouldn't bring in Taveras with the lead, but the point is, when the starter is hitting 100 pitches, has just walked two straight for the first time in the game and the other team's best hitter is coming up, you GET HIM OUT OF THERE...with a lead, and with your team behind but within striking distance. I know Tito has been burned this season taking Wake out under exactly these conditions, but that's a bullpen's still the right move.

By the way, Riske looked VERY good. A welcome edition.

Yaz-Tex said...

As I watched the game get away last night in the 7th, I would have loved to have asked Tito a question that was a favorite of my father's during my college years (usually in the wee hours of the morning on the front door step):

"What were you thinking?"

At least my feeble response to my Dad ("at the time it seemed like the right thing to do...") was the result of a Schlitz-induced fog. What was Tito's excuse for allowing Wake to pitch to A-Rod after two consecutive BBs?

Other than putting the game out of reach, the dinger by Slappy may have finally given him some idea that he can actually come up big when it counts most (rather than least as has been his rep).

The old addage of "whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right" comes to mind. I'd hate to see this one decision by Tito go down in time as the watershed moment where Rodriguez first established himself as a guy who can come through when a game is actually on the line....

Zenslinger said...

Ah, Schlitz.

suzy lux said...

jack: you're right. even tho i don't feel good with anyone in the bullpen save pap and timlin, it's what a manager should do in that situation.

honesly, tito must know this? what's the matter with him?

he needs to read this blog i think ;)