June 1, 2006

Pena Will Miss 6-8 Weeks

Wily Mo Pena had surgery today to remove the hamate bone from his right wrist. He will miss between 6-8 weeks. Sounds like he won't be back until after the All-Star break.

Dr. Richard Mosychuk, Cape Cod Family Practice and Sports Medicine clinic: "Without having seen him, I will say that most patients typically return to their previous level of functioning in approximately eight weeks" after surgery.

In May 1988, David Ortiz had similar surgery. "I broke mine on May 9, and I came back after the All-Star break (July 9), after about eight weeks. But I was weak still the rest of the season. I couldn't hit hard. Every time I put a good swing on the ball it hurt. ... I can't believe he was playing with a broken bone."

Right now, with the team carrying 12 pitchers, Willie Harris is the only outfielder on the bench. It's sounds like that is the plan for the near future. Francona: "Willie Harris has been very valuable doing what he does." ... What is that exactly? Making sure Tito has plenty of chaw on hand?

After scoring 4.68 runs per game and batting .256 in April, the Red Sox scored 6.42 runs per game and hit a MLB-best .306 in May. ... Mike Timlin will start throwing on Monday. ... Mike Lowell said he felt his hamstring "grab" as he rounded third base in the fourth inning. "I didn't feel a pop or anything, which is good. ... I'm hoping to be ready by Friday."

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Jack Marshall said...

A key side effect of Clement's woes and Wells' injury is a bullpen load that makes 12 pitchers necessary. It leaves the Sox with no genuine right-handed power off the bench, which they really need this season with a good glove-no hit shortstop. It drove me nuts to see Cora hitting in the 9th in a close game. The Sox need that 5th bench player...ideally one who'se a good pinch-hitter. What's Lenny Harris doing these days?