November 21, 2006

Get Out The Vote

Ryan Howard wins the NL MVP in a race (388-347) that was not quite as close as I anticipated. (AL MVP announced this afternoon.)

Also, today is the last day of Round 1 to vote for me for Best Sports Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. ... Let's do it! Yeeeearrgh!


Anonymous said...

I voted for ya several times this past week... good luck!

Tim -

Jere said...

Morneau wins. Not even in your top five. But the important thing is, well, ya know. I am so happy right now.

Jack Marshall said...

Bad choice. Would anyone trade Jeter for Morneau? Mauer for Morneau? Ortiz for Morneau? Slugging firstbasemen are a dime a dozen. I didn't want Derek, but he'd be a better choice.

Redsock: am I imagining it, or was that the Howrd Dean victory cry?

redsock said...

That was The Scream That Really Wasn't A Scream.

I love some of the many "remixes" that sprung up in the weeks after it, though.

9casey said...

Jack , are you saying slugging first baseman, are not deserving of the award?
And if you didn't want Jeter or , Morneau, You possibly couldn't have wanted Papi, right?

I hope the kid can keep it up.

It really is such a crazy award, The last guys do win an mvp and also a world series .

Imagine the answer to that is Rickey Henerson with oakland in 1990 and Kirk gibson with LA in 88

If i read that right.

Jack Marshall said...

No,9c, I'm saying slugging first basemen who have significantly fewer RBI, homers and clutch hits than a DH playing in Boston have no business winning the award. I'm saying that unless the first baseman fields like Kevin Youklis or better,the "defensive" value said firs tbaseman has over the DH is so minimal as not to matter exept to bigoted anti-DH-ites..

And I'm saying that if you're the 3rd most valuable player on your damn TEAM, it's idiotic to say you're the most valuable player in the league.

THAT's what I was saying!

Jere said...

9Casey, I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but the A's didn't win the World Series in 1990.

9casey said...

Good Call jere........I knew i would read it wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

9casey said...

Willie Hernandez with detroit in 84...

Thank You Jere.