June 8, 2009

Off-Day Outtakes: Wilco

Five sets of Wilco demos.

A.M. Demos
01  I Must Be High
02 Shouldn't Be Ashamed
03 Box Full Of Letters
04 Pick Up The Change
05 Passenger Side
06 Promising
07 Lets Hear It For Rock
08 Gone
Summerteeth Demos
01  A Shot In The Arm
02 We're Just Friends
03 I'm Always In Love
04 Candyfloss
05 How To Fight Loneliness
06 Tried And True
07 She's A Jar
08 Pieholden Suit
09 Nothingsevergonnagetinmywayagain
10 Via Chicago
11 ELT
12 My Darling
13 In A Future Age
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Unknown Studio Session
01  Unknown
02 Jam
03 Foxy Lady
04 Ashes Of American Flags
05 Were You In My Dreams
06 Boogie Jam
07 Unknown

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Demos
01  I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
02 Ashes Of American Flags
03 I'm The Man Who Loves You
04 Magazine Called Sunset
05 Reservations
06 Kamera
07 Not For The Season
08 Alone
09 Nothing Up My Sleeve
10 Venus Stop The Train
11 Rhythm
12 Poor Places
13 Won't You Let Down
14 Heavy Metal Drummer
15 Instrumental 1
16 Instrumental 2
17 Instrumental 2 (alternate)
18 Kamera (alternate)
19 Magazine Called Sunset (alternate)
20 Alone (alternate)
21 Not For The Season (alternate)
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Engineer Demos
01  I'm The Man Who Loves You
02 Kamera
03 Magazine Called Sunset
04 Poor Places
05 Shakin Sugar
06 War On War
07 Ashes Of American Flags
08 Cars Can't Escape
09 Pot Kettle Black
10 The Good Part
11 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
12 Reservations
13 Let Me Come Home
14 Heavy Metal Drummer
15 Nothing Up My Sleeve
16 Corduroy Cutoff Girl (aka Radio Cure)
17 Never Let You Down
18 Venus Stop The Train
Here are some other links: Wikipedia, Neumu, Big O and The Power Of Independent Trucking.


L-girl said...

I really like Wilco, but I'm still trying to decide if they only put out one good album. I guess I should listen to some of these.

Patrick said...

I really like the song "war on war".

That is all.

CometandLuna said...

Wilco is an awesome band, going back to Uncle Tupelo days. Give Sky Blue Sky a chance; you might get hooked on "Hate it Here".

L-girl said...

Which reminds me, perhaps you have some Son Volt outtakes for a future off day.

redsock said...

Zenslinger left a Wilco comment under another post which I agree with. Maybe he'll re-post it here later.

After AM, which I loved, Being There was a bit too draggy and spacey and slow, and I balked. And for whatever reasons, I never bothered checking them out after that, even as YFT was hailed as a masterpiece and AGIB followed.

I figured it was all in the same musical direction. Turns out I was dead wrong. Summerteeth has hard Beatlesy pop and I like a lot of the Yankee demos.

I'm still more of a Son Volt man, but have to give Tweedy another listen or four.

No Volt demos as far I know right now. Tomorrow, I may discover something .... !

SoSock said...

Thanks for this.
While in my Sunday morning coffee spot - Krankie's, in the downtown art district here, a couple of weeks ago, the girls had a great CD on with a good hook. I asked and they said itwas Wilco. The one thought it was thir newest and the other thought it was an album or 2 before. Either way it made me want to seek out some more. Haven't found it at the used music store yet, but now I have an idea of what to look for.

Zenslinger said...


Here was my post:

I admire Wilco, but don't always enjoy their more adventurous stuff. I have some bands I like with lots of atonal stuff and feedback whines and all that, but I know when I'm in the mood for it.

Maybe I'm getting old. But I do like their more accessible songs.

/End Original Post

My takeaway from these posts about their most recent stuff is that they haven't continued the feedback experiment. If so, I'm heartened. Again, the feedback thing is good, just a little tough to listen to. My feeling about that era was cemented when I saw them open for REM in a big summer "shed" venue - totally wrong for Wilco, especially during the feedback sections. Seeing them do that headlining in a theater would have been much, much better.

Tony said...

Thanks for these demos, Allan.

Wilco's such a deeply personal band for me; they're very intrinsically linked to an important person in my life. As such, it's painful for me to listen to a lot of their stuff, even though most of it is quite good (I give Being There the nod over AM and Summerteeth, mainly because "Misunderstood" is a stone cold classic). That being said, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is an album I'll never get sick of, not after 10,000 listens. It's kind of a bummer "Jesus, Etc." wasn't in the demos - IMO, that's their greatest song.

I got to see them live during the tour that produced Kicking Television - the extra band members really helped flesh out the songs live. They're such a tremendous onstage band.

Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt I find a lot more hit or miss - I guess because alt-country isn't entirely my cup of tea. They both have some great songs, though - "The Long Cut", "Windfall", some others.

Unknown said...

As of July 2013, these links are dead. Any new ones?