June 28, 2017

G78: Twins 4, Red Sox 1

Twins   - 200 002 000 - 4  7  0
Red Sox - 000 000 100 - 1  7  0
The Red Sox had at least one baserunner in every inning. In the seventh, they squandered a bases-loaded/one-out situation, getting only one run on a groundout. They ended the evening with 11 men left on base.

Boston did absolutely nothing against Minnesota's mediocre starter, Adalberto Mejia (5.2-5-0-1-3, 101), who began the night with a 4.93 ERA and a 1.577 WHIP (with 5.3 walks/9). Mejia had lasted more than five innings in only two of his 10 starts. ... Make that three of 11, now.

First of all, though, Porcello gave up two first-inning runs. He got the first two batters, but Joe Mauer doubled to the opposite field and scored on Miguel Sano's double into the left field corner. Max Kepler blooped a single into right to make it 2-0.

The bottom of the third seemed promising as it began with singles from Deven Marrero and Mookie Betts. But Dustin Pedroia popped to shortstop and Xander Bogaerts struck out, chasing a changeup down and away. Marrero stole third, but Mitch Moreland also struck out.

Porcello held the Twins in check until the sixth, when he walked Sano on four pitches to open the inning and gave up a line-drive home run to right-center to Kepler.

In the seventh, facing Tyler Duffey, Sandy Leon singled to right. Tzu-Wei Lin pinch-hit for Marrero and flied to center. Duffey then walked both Betts and Pedroia. (Home plate umpire James Hoye shrunk the strike zone (i.e., changed the rules) in this inning (actually the zone was much smaller for the final three innings; ball four to Pedroia was an obvious strike.) Boston had the bases loaded, and the potential tying run at the plate. Bogaerts chopped a weak grounder to shortstop. Jorge Polanco's only play was to first base, and a run scored. Taylor Rogers came in and struck out Moreland to end the rally.

In the eighth, Robby Scott came in with a man on second and one out. He intentionally walked Eduardo Escobar and then unintentionally walked Eddie Rosario, loading the bases. But he escaped by striking out Polanco.

The Red Sox could not rally in the final two innings. Jackie Bradley was hit by a pitch with one out in the eighth, but Sam Travis struck out looking and Leon flied to left. Mookie Betts doubled with one out in the ninth (he leads the AL with 26 doubles), but Pedroia grounded to shortstop and Bogaerts waved at a 1-2 pitch well out of the strike zone.

NESN's Graphic of Useless Clutter was back tonight, appearing 45 times. And in exactly 0 of those times was any useful information transmitted.
Adalberto Mejia / Rick Porcello
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Moreland, 1B
Young, LF
Bradley, CF
Travis, DH
Leon, C
Marrero, 3B
      W   L   GB   RS   RA  EXPWL
BOS  43  34  ---  363  323  43-34
MFY  41  34  1.0  417  322  46-29
TBR  41  38  3.0  387  364  42-37
BAL  38  38  4.5  347  410  32-44
TOR  36  40  6.5  325  349  36-40
From a poll at MLB.com:
The correct answer is 9.

Also from Cut 4: Royals catcher Drew Butera (an eight-year MLB vet) had trouble catching Oklahoma softball pitcher Paige Parker. His teammates were amused.

NESN: Dave O'Brien Thinks Ty Cobb Played Against The Twins (Whose First Game Was Only Three Months Before Cobb Died At Age 74)

It was an embarrassing night for NESN's Dave O'Brien. When Dustin Pedroia led off the bottom of the third inning against the Twins on Tuesday, O'Brien turned to his press notes for one of those nonsense factoids he loves so much:
Dave O'Brien: Dustin Pedroia took a walk in the first inning. Hitting .289, two homers. . . . And lots of hits against Minnesota in his career - .360, his career batting average. Against the Twins - how about this? - only two guys have a higher career batting average in major league history. One is Mark Teixeira, who of course retired after last year, .362. The other? Ty Cobb. .378. Dustin Pedroia, .360.

Dennis Eckersley: They were called the Twins back then? I mean, when Cobb was playing? What was their name back then, I wonder? ... Just curious.

O'Brien: I'm looking. ... I think so.

Eckersley: Huh.

O'Brien: It's a minimum of 200 at-bats, by the way, that kind of career average. . . . And a 1-2 on the way ...
"They were called the Twins back then?" ... "I think so."

How in the world does Dave O'Brien not know that the Minnesota Twins were not around in the 1910s and 1920s? How does not he not know that the Twins were formerly the Washington Senators, and that they were one of the original American League teams back in 1901? (It's pretty basic baseball history. I mean, it's like saying that Babe Ruth hit 108 career home runs against the Oakland A's.)

Listening to the conversation, you can tell Eckersley is baffled. He knows something is not right, but either he's not completely sure (though that has never stopped him in the past (actually, see below)) or he doesn't want to blatantly expose O'Brien. Also, if O'Brien was "looking" for an answer to Eck's question, as he says, why did he not find (and tell us) the right answer?

As soon as the words were spoken, I fully expected O'Brien to realize he had made a mistake or for someone in the production truck to tell him the correct info, so he could quickly save face.

(By the way, the Senators moved to Minnesota for the 1961 season. Ty Cobb died on July 17, 1961, at the age of 74.)

But there was no correction in the bottom of the third.

Or the top of the fourth.

Or the bottom of the fourth.

Finally, in the top of the fifth, O'Brien addressed the matter:
O'Brien: We were talking earlier about Dustin Pedroia's .360 career batting average against the Twins. And in franchise history, against Minnesota, against that franchise - the Twins have had variations of their franchise's name. We were talking about - what were they? They were the Washington Senators -

Eckersley: Right.

O'Brien: - in the time of Ty Cobb.

Eckersley: Then Clark Griffith took them to Minnesota, I believe. Don't hold me to that, but I think that's what went down. [Clark Griffith died in 1955. His nephew, Calvin Griffith, moved the team to Minnesota.]

O'Brien: So it all comes under the banner, these days, of the Minnesota Twins franchise. You're talking about records against them.
Man, that is one awkward correction. How hard would it have been to say: "We were talking earlier about Dustin Pedroia's .360 career batting average against the Twins and how Ty Cobb was one of only two players to have a higher average. Of course, Cobb never played against the Twins, they began in 1961, well after Cobb's playing days. But before this team was the Twins, they were the Washington Senators - and it was the Senators that Cobb played against. Major league baseball considers the Senators and Twins to be one franchise."

I'm now thinking that the guys in NESN's production truck have decided to leave O'Brien high and dry any time he makes a mistake. Tonight's error was not the first time this has happened this season. In early May, when the Red Sox were in Milwaukee, O'Brien misspoke in the first game - and no one corrected him. He gave viewers the same wrong information during the next game - and no one corrected him. The following night, he gave the wrong information yet again - and still no one corrected him. I found that strange, first that O'Brien would bungle such basic information and second, that despite giving the wrong information for three consecutive nights, no one bothered to correct him.

June 27, 2017

G77: Red Sox 9, Twins 2

Twins   - 000 010 010 - 2  8  3
Red Sox - 021 213 00x - 9 10  1
The Red Sox took sole possession of first place as Drew Pomeranz (5-4-1-0-7, 83) did not allow an earned run in five innings that included two hours of rain delays. Someone Named Christian Vazquez hit his first home run of the year, Dustin Pedroia reached base four times and scored twice, and Chris Young crushed a three-run shot to put the game on ice.

The game began at 8:00, after a delay of 50 minutes. Pomeranz set down the first six Twins and Vazquez's dong into the Monster Seats gave Boston a 2-0 lead before the tarp was brought out again. After 76 minutes of waiting, Pomeranz returned to the hill. He allowed a leadoff, first-pitch double to Eddie Rosario, and when he threw a called strike to Byron Buxton, NESN's Dave O'Brien worried that Pom's outing had become "a little choppy". Rosario tried to steal third on the next pitch and Vazquez gunned him down easily. Then Pomeranz struck out both Buxton and Jason Castro. (Yeah, "choppy".)

Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts singled to start the third as the Twins went to the bullpen after the delay. Jackie Bradley lined a one-out single to center. Pedroia stopped at third but then Buxton's throw from the outfield sailed to the backstop on the fly - and Pedroia scored. In the fourth, Vazquez walked and stole second. Deven Marrero lined the ball to right-center. Buxton raced over and tried making a diving catch, but the ball glanced off the tip of his glove. Marrero had a double but Vazquez could advance only one base, to third (so much for being in "scoring position"!). Vazquez came home on Mookie Betts's sac fly and Pedroia singled in Marrero, but FY was thrown out foolishly trying for a double.

Bogaerts singled in the fifth and eventually scored on an error by second baseman Brian Dozier. Also, during the inning, Young and Bradley pulled a double steal without a throw. Boston had some two-out/no-one-on fun in the sixth. After two groundouts, Pedroia singled and Bogaerts reached on Minnesota's third error of the game. Young followed with a three-run homer to left.

An error by Marrero allowed Polanco to reach with one out in the top of the fifth. He moved to second on a wild pitch, went to third on a single by Rosario, and scored on Buxton's single to left. This was actually a crucial moment in the game. Boston led 5-1, but there were two men on base with only one out. Pomeranz fell behind Castro 3-0. A walk would have loaded the bases and brought Dozier to the plate as the potential tying run. But Pomeranz rallied. He got a called strike, a foul, and a swinging strike to punch out Castro. Then he struck out Dozier (cbbss) to end the threat.

In Chicago, the Yankees led 3-1 in the middle of the eighth. Domingo German and Tyler Clippard combined to walk four men and Clippard tossed in a wild pitch, but the White Sox scored only one run. In the bottom of the ninth, Dellin Betances loaded the bases on two walks and a hit batter - at that point Chicago had seven baserunners in 1.1 innings on no hits - and Jose Abreu singled in two runs to win the game.

So on a night when Betances completely wilts and blows a game, Vazquez belts his first home run since he went deep way back on May 1, 2016 ... which was a seventh-inning shot off (yep!) Betances to snap a 6-6 tie and propel the Red Sox to an 8-7 win over the MFY. (JoS remembers the win and the tabloids. "Someone Named"!)
Hector Santiago / Drew Pomeranz
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Young, DH
Bradley, CF
Travis, 1B
Benintendi, LF
Vazquez, C
Marrero, 3B
John Farrell was fined and suspended for one game for arguing a balk call in Saturday's game. He will serve the suspension tonight.

Santiago is making his first start since June 6. He had been on the DL with a left shoulder strain. Left-handed batters have destroyed Santiago this season: 20-for-40 (.500/.608/1.000, 1.608 OPS) with more home runs (six) than strikeouts (five).

The Yankees (41-33) and Red Sox (42-34) are tied for first place, although New York is actually .001 ahead of Boston.

Joel Sherman, Post, Saturday, June 24:
[T]he Yankees are not going to outrun their current problems by designating one underperforming veteran [e.g., Chris Carter] at a time. They now have lost nine of 11, fallen out of first place and very possibly revealed they already have played the best they are going to in 2017.

What the Yankees did for the first 10 weeks is proving unsustainable. ... There is a lot of regression to the mean. And perhaps worst of all there are growing indicators the division might play out how expected, with Boston just a grade better than the rest of the AL East.

For the Red Sox are in first place now and it does not feel like we have seen their best gear yet, as we have the Yankees. ...

[C]an the Yankees keep up with even a watered-down version of the Red Sox? ...

General manager Brian Cashman ... has seen the best of the Yankees for 10 weeks and the worst the past two. There are five weeks until the deadline for these Yankees to reveal fully exactly who they are in 2017.

Most Pitches Thrown In Five Or Fewer Innings

On June 6, Drew Pomeranz threw 123 pitches against the Yankees, in only five innings. He allowed six hits and two walks - not outrageous totals - and he faced only four or five batters in each inning. Pomeranz's pitches by inning: 18-27-19 30-29. In the 30-pitch fourth inning, he faced only four batters (5-5-12-8).)

I started wondering about the most pitches thrown in five or fewer innings. Of course, because pitch count data does not exist for most of major league baseball's history, we have a limited amount of data. I searched Baseball Reference's utterly awesome Play Index for games in which the starting pitcher recorded 15 or fewer outs and threw 120 or more pitches. I got a list of 81 games, all but two of which are since 1988.

Most Pitches: Dennis Martinez of the Expos threw 136 pitches in five innings on April 13, 1991 against the Mets, allowing five hits and walking six.

Fewest Innings: No pitcher for whom we have data has thrown 120+ pitches in fewer than four complete innings. Darren Oliver of the Cardinals lasted four innings against the Mets on June 19, 1999, throwing 121 pitches and allowing seven hits and five walks.

Repeat Offenders: Several pitchers appear on the list twice, but only one man is there three times: Al Leiter, who had two such starts in 1999.

June 26, 2017

G76: Red Sox 4, Twins 1

Twins   - 001 000 000 - 1  4  0
Red Sox - 200 000 20x - 4  9  0
Chris Sale: 6.1-4-1-2-9, 108. ... Mitch Moreland hit a solo home run in the first inning and drove in a run with a sac fly in the seventh. ... Tzu-Wei Lin (#73), recently of Portland (AA), made his first major league start, and singled in his first at-bat.

John Farrell went to the bullpen with one out in the seventh and two men on base. Heath Hembree got Chris Gimenez (who had homered in the third) to ground into a 5-4-3 double play. (Sale referred to Hembree as "Heater", so I guess that's his nickname.)
Jose BerrĂ­os / Chris Sale
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Moreland, 1B
Benintendi, LF
Young, DH
Bradley, CF
Leon, C
Lin, 3B

June 25, 2017

G75: Angels 4, Red Sox 2

Angels  - 030 000 001 - 4 10  0
Red Sox - 010 010 000 - 2  8  0
Doug Fister: 6-7-3-3-6, 105 (pitched to two batters in the seventh inning).
Parker Bridwell / Doug Fister
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Moreland, 1B
Benintendi, LF
Ramirez, DH
Bradley, CF
Vazquez, C
Marrero, 3B

June 24, 2017

G74: Angels 6, Red Sox 3

Angels  - 100 101 201 - 6  9  1
Red Sox - 010 000 002 - 3  6  1
David Price: 6-6-3-1-5, 103.
JC Ramirez / David Price
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Moreland, 1B
Benintendi, LF
Ramirez, DH
Bradley, CF
Vazquez, C
Marrero, 3B

June 23, 2017

Red Sox Acquire Doug Fister, Jhonny Peralta

The Red Sox have acquired pitcher Doug Fister - and he will start against the Angels this Sunday.

Boston tried to get the 33-year-old right-hander earlier this year, but were edged out by the Angels. However, Fister exercised an opt-out clause (because he was not on the Angels' major league roster on June 21) and became available, and was claimed off  release waivers. Fister made three starts for Salt Lake City this year, with a 4.02 ERA (15.2 innings, 16 hits, 5 walks, 10 strikeouts).

Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations:
He's never been a big velocity guy, he's an average velocity, he even ticked a little bit below that the last couple years. But when we saw him, he was 89-90, good cutter, good curveball, knows how to pitch, good sink, holds runners well, he's a championship caliber makeup player. He's a quality individual, hard worker, great shape and we think he can help us.
The team also signed third baseman Jhonny Peralta to a minor league contract. Peralta, 35, was released by the Cardinals on June 13. He will report to Pawtucket on Monday. Dombrowski:
We thought it was a nice fit for us. He had other opportunities to go out in places, but I talked to Jhonny - and also, we go back - and I thought that in our situation on Jhonny, he had a real good spring. Really didn't play very much in the beginning of the year, had some injuries. We had some mixed reports on him during the season, regular season. ... Really, we're open to improve our club however we possibly can ...
Brak! Brak!

G73: Red Sox 9, Angels 4

Angels  - 000 100 300 - 4 10  0
Red Sox - 300 202 02x - 9 10  1
The Red Sox wasted little time in grabbing a lead. In the bottom of the first, Mookie Betts walked and stole second base. Dustin Pedroia walked. Xander Bogaerts (2-for-4) doubled for one run. Then two wild pitches by Alex Meyer scored Pedroia and Bogaerts.

Hanley Ramirez hit a two-run homer down the right-field line in the fourth inning (Meyer tossed another wild pitch during Hanley's at-bat.) With two outs in the sixth, Jackie Bradley (2-for-3) walked and Sandy Leon (3-for-4) homered to right-center. Leon added a two-run double in the eighth.

Rick Porcello (6.1-8-4-1-8, 102) looked much more like the guy we remember from last season, allowing only five hits, one walk, and one run through six innings. The Angels went double-triple-double against him with one out in the seventh and it was time for the bullpen.
Alex Meyer / Rick Porcello
Betts, RF
Benintendi, LF
Bogaerts, SS
Moreland, 1B
Ramirez, DH
Bradley, CF
Leon, C
Rutledge, 2B
Marrero, 3B
David Ortiz will have his #34 retired before tonight's game. It is Big Papi's first time back at Fenway Park since he retired last season.

The ceremony will be streamed on MLB.com and redsox.com. Or click here.

Yesterday afternoon, David Ortiz Drive was unveiled outside Fenway Park. The street was formerly known as Yawkey Way Extension and is located directly across from Yawkey Way, off Brookline Avenue.

Porcello has given up 124 hits this season, the most of any major league pitcher. Opponents are hitting .358 against him in his last eight starts, during which he has had a 6.02 ERA.

David Ortiz In Walkoff Situations IV (Career)

The Red Sox will retire David Ortiz's #34 tonight at Fenway Park.

During his fourteen seasons with the Red Sox, David Ortiz built a reputation as the one player the team absolutely wanted at the plate with a chance to win the game in the bottom of the ninth or in extra innings.

That was first evident during the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Yankees, when Ortiz had two game-winning hits in less than 24 hours in two must-win games for the Red Sox. A few days earlier, Ortiz had sent the Angels home for the winter with an American League Division Series-clinching home run. In the 2004 post-season, Ortiz bagged three walkoff hits in a span of four home games.

Back in 2005 and 2006, when Ortiz came to the plate at Fenway Park with a chance to win the game, he never made an out. That is barely an exaggeration. When I compiled the data for the first version of this post (August 1, 2006), I noted that from the end of the 2004 regular season through July 2006, Ortiz came to the plate 19 times in a walkoff situation - and made only three outs. He had a .786 batting average (11-for-14) with seven home runs and 20 RBI!

His July 31, 2006 home run off Cleveland rookie Fausto Carmona (later known as Roberto Hernandez) may be my favourite non-playoff Ortiz walkoff hit. Big Papi was on an amazing streak of winning games and had hit an extra-inning game-winner only two days earlier. With Boston down by two runs and two men on in the ninth, I probably would have bet my year's salary on Ortiz winning the game if someone had asked. It felt like everyone in Fenway Park knew it would happen, including Carmona. Maybe especially Carmona. The Cleveland pitcher threw two balls to build a little tension and then - BAM! - Ortiz crushed a three-run homer to center. All I could do is stare at the TV and laugh.

Ortiz - being human - couldn't keep batting almost .800 in walkoff situations. And at times, he was (admittedly) no longer that guy, the slugger who made pitchers quake in their cleats, but his past heroics remained in the back of everyone's mind when he spat in his batting gloves, clapped those big mitts together, and dug in. For years, a game-winning hit always seemed (to me, anyway) extremely likely.

Of course, the walkoff opportunities listed below tell only a small part of Ortiz's story. But it is a huge part of Big Papi's legend, one that led to Ortiz being dubbed, officially, by the team, as The Greatest Clutch Hitter In Red Sox History.

          PA   AB   H  HR  RBI BB  Walkoffs
2003       7    6   2   1   2   1     2
2004      14   13   5   3   8   1     5
2005       5    3   3   2   5   2     3
2006      10    7   5   3  10   3     5
2007       7    5   1   1   2   1     1
2008       9    5   1   0   0   3     0
2009       3    3   1   1   1   0     1
2010       6    5   1   0   3   1     1
2011       7    5   3   0   0   2     0
2012       3    2   0   0   0   1     0
2013       8    7   1   1   3   1     1
2014      14    8   1   0   0   6     0
2015       6    3   0   0   0   3     0
2016       7    7   3   0   2   0     1
TOTALS   106   79  27  12  36  25    20   (.342 batting average) 

Ortiz's Walkoff Opportunities With Boston (Game-Winning Hits in Red)

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0615 Hou  10  -2-  1   2-2  Dotel       BBI
          12  ---  0   2-2  Bland       3U
0719 Tor   9  -2-  2   4-4  Acevado     4-3
0726 NYY   9  12-  2   4-4  Benitez     Single
0823 Sea  10  1--  1   6-6  Rhodes      P6
0923 Bal  10  ---  0   5-5  Ainsworth   Home Run

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1004 Oak  10  12-  2   1-1  Mecir       L6

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0411 Tor   9  -2-  2   4-4  Kershner    F8
          12  1--  0   4-4  Lopez       Home Run
0415 Bal   9  ---  1   7-7  Ryan        F8
0507 KC    9  ---  0   6-6  MacDougal   K
0529 Sea   9  1--  2   4-5  Guardado    F8
0530 Sea  11  ---  1   7-7  Putz        K
0611 LAD   9  -23  0   1-1  Martin      Single
0923 Bal   9  12-  2   7-9  Ryan        F9

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1008 Ana  10  1--  2   6-6  Washburn    Home Run

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1017 NYY   9  123  2   4-4  Rivera      P4
          12  1--  0   4-4  Quantrill   Home Run
1018 NYY  10  ---  0   4-4  Heredia     K
          12  ---  1   4-4  Loaiza      BB
          14  12-  2   4-4  Loaiza      Single

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0602 Bal   9  12-  2   3-4  Ryan        Home Run
0830 TB    9  ---  1   6-6  Borowski    BB
0906 LAA   9  ---  1   2-2  Shields     Home Run
0916 Oak  10  1-3  1   2-2  Cruz        BBI
0929 Tor   9  12-  1   4-4  Batista     Single

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0611 Tex   9  12-  2   2-4  Otsuka      Home Run
0624 Phi  10  1--  1   3-3  Gordon      Home Run
0626 Phi   9  ---  0   6-6  Cormier     4-1
          11  -2-  1   6-6  Gordon      BBI
          12  12-  2   7-7  Condrey     Single 
0729 LAA   9  -2-  1   6-6  Rodriguez   BBI
          11  12-  1   6-6  Romero      Single
0731 Cle   9  12-  1   6-8  Carmona     Home Run
0812 Bal  10  1--  0   7-7  Chen        BB
0909 KC   10  -2-  1   4-4  Sisco       6-3

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0701 Tex   9  1--  2   1-2  Gagne       P3 
0713 Tor   9  12-  1   5-6  Accardo     F8 
0815 TB    9  -2-  2   5-6  Reyes       BB
0912 TB    9  1--  1   3-4  Reyes       Home Run
0916 NYY   9  123  2   3-4  Rivera      P6 

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1005 LAA   9  -2-  2   3-3  Rodriguez   BBI

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1013 Cle  10  ---  0   3-3  Mastny      6-3

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0429 Tor   9  ---  2   0-0  Halladay    BB
0430 Tor   9  ---  0   1-1  Downs       Single
0801 Oak  10  ---  1   1-1  Street      P5
          12  ---  0   1-1  Embree      K looking
0909 TB    9  1--  1   4-5  Percival    F9
0910 TB   10  -2-  0   1-1  Bradford    BBI
          12  1--  0   1-1  Howell      1-3 SAC

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1005 LAA  10  ---  1   4-4  Rodriguez   BB

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
1016 TBR   9  ---  1   7-7  Howell      K

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0424 NYY  11  ---  0   4-4  Marte       K
0703 Sea  10  ---  0   5-5  Jakubauskas 6-3
0826 CWS   9  ---  1   2-2  Pena        Home Run

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0416 TB    9  ---  0   1-1  Cormier     3-1
          11  123  0   1-1  Cormier     FC/3-2
0717 Tex   9  -2-  1   1-2  Lee         4-3
          11  -23  0   2-2  Ogando      BBI
0731 Det   9  123  1   2-4  Coke        Double *
0821 Tor   9  1--  1   4-4  Carlson     361 DP

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0504 LAA  10  ---  2   3-3  Bell        Walk
0519 Det   9  1--  0   3-3  AlbuequerqueSingle
0621 SDP   9  1--  0   4-5  Bell        563 DP
0725 KCR   9  1--  1   1-1  Crow        Single
          11  -2-  2   1-1  Holland     BBI
          13  1-3  2   1-1  Coleman     4-3
0807 NYY  10  ---  1   2-2  Hughes      Ground Rule Double

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0416 TB    9  -2-  2   0-1  Rodney      BBI
0504 Bal  10  1--  1   4-4  Ayala       3-1
          12  1--  2   4-4  Patton      3U

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0606 Tex   9  12-  0   3-3  Kirkman     Home Run
0721 NYY  11  ---  1   7-7  Warren      4-3
0729 TB    9  -2-  2   1-2  Rodney      BBI
0731 Sea   9  1--  2   4-4  Furbush     P5
          12  ---  2   4-4  Farquhar    F9
          15  1--  0   4-4  Luetge      3U
0801 Sea   9  12-  0   6-7  Perez       K
0918 Bal  10  1--  0   3-3  Hunter      653 DP

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0405 Mil   9  ---  2   6-6  Smith       6-3
0420 Bal   9  --3  1   5-5  Matusz      BBI
0421 Bal   9  -23  1   5-7  Hunter      BBI
0501 TB    9  -2-  2   1-2  Balfour     1-3 (G1 of DH)
0501 TB    9  -2-  0   5-6  Balfour     3U (G2 of DH)
0506 Cin   9  1--  2   3-3  LeCure      BB
          12  ---  0   3-3  Andrusek    Single
0530 TB   10  ---  0   2-2  Oviedo      4-3
0615 Cle  10  ---  1   2-2  Allen       K
0706 Bal   9  ---  2   6-6  Brach       BB
0710 CWS   9  ---  1   3-3  Surkamp     3U
0819 LAA   9  -2-  2   3-4  Street      BBI
0905 Tor   9  -2-  0   6-6  McGowan     BBI
          10  12-  1   8-8  Janssen     E4

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0503 NYY   9  123  2   5-8  Miller      L8
0520 Tex   9  -2-  2   1-2  Tolleson    BBI
0613 Tor  10  ---  1   4-4  Loup        K
0816 Sea   9  -2-  2   7-8  CSmith      BBI
          11  1--  1   8-8  Rasmussen   K
0908 Tor   9  ---  1   1-1  Sanchez     BB

Date Opp Inn  MOB Out Score Pitcher     Result
0411 Bal   9  12-  0   7-9  Britton     463 DP
0418 Tor   9  1--  2   3-4  Storen      K looking
0514 Hou   9  1--  2   4-5  Gregerson   Triple
          11  -2-  2   5-5  Feliz       Double
0623 CWS   9  ---  0   7-7  Robertson   Double
0722 MIN   9  123  0   1-2  Kintzler    423 DP
0726 DET   9  1--  1   8-9  FRodriguez  463 DP

* Ortiz hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth the day before, but the Tigers led 6-1, so the Red Sox still trailed by one run. They lost the game 6-5.