August 27, 2003

Red Sox top Jays 6-3 thanks to Tater Todd! The White Sox blast the Yankees for the second straight night (13-2 and 11-2), so Boston is 4 games back. Yanks play Thursday afternoon; Sox off. ... What are the odds of the Red Sox making the playoffs? As of Wednesday morning, 74.1%. The percentages of Oakland and Seattle were much lower a couple of days ago. ... "Why are we Red Sox fans?" I love reading this stuff. ... Immerse yourself in the genius that is ee gammings: "Brian Cashman was interested in acquiring Derek Lowe in exchange for Steve Karsay, but backed off when rumors reached him that Lowe is so vain, he tried to get himself digitally inserted into reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, which wouldn't go over well in a clubhouse with interesting players like Ruben Sierra."

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