February 9, 2005

Rev Up The Truck. Spring draws closer. Living in Manhattan, I don't get NESN, but it has been showing condensed versions of the glorious post-season recently. ... Why condensed? Does NESN have so much quality programming it can't show the entire games, especially the ALCS? ... It's probably a MLB contractual issue.

The best place to relive the games is Surviving Grady. (I love today's photo.) But is Red quoting Al Stewart? Gulp. ... I also hope to watch my wonderful DVDs of all 14 games during spring training and report on all my goose bumps, racing heartbeat, chewed fingernails and tears of joy.

What I've Been Doing Instead of Posting: I'm finishing up bios of Babe Ruth and Carl Mays for SABR's upcoming Deadball Stars of the American League (I wrote about John Titus for the National League volume). Then I'm off next week to Vermont and Montreal. On February 20, I'll be in Boston, hugging the World Series trophy. More frequent posting will resume on February 21.

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