December 7, 2005

Reports And Rumours From Dallas

Red Sox special adviser Bill Lajoie on trading Manny Ramirez:
First of all, you’re not going to get fair value in any way, shape or form. This is an A-1 player, and you’re not going to get an A-1 player in return. You’re not going to get one person to make up for the (production). You might not get three or four.
Jed Hoyer, assistant to the team's non-existent GM, agrees:
We're not going to replace a 1.000 OPS middle-of-the-order hitter. ... Whether it's through a lot of young players or different pieces, we believe there's a chance we could put together a deal that could set the Red Sox up for the present and the future.
But now -- although Larry Lucchino has said the team has not made no effort to convince Manny to stay in Boston -- it looks unlikely that Ramirez will be elsewhere next spring. The Mets have backed off and the Angels refuse to deal Ervin Santana. There was some talk of Arizona getting involved and Troy Glaus coming to Boston -- ugh. ... One sticking point is that Ramirez would demand that his option years for 2009 and 2010 be picked up as a condition for accepting a trade.

Boston is ready to offer Johnny Damon something similar to what Jason Varitek accepted last winter: 4/40. Although Scott Boras would love the Red Sox and Yankees to get into a bidding war over his client, it isn't going to happen. New York won't even bid if Damon won't consider three or four years. Boras isn't helping himself any when he says that Rafael Furcal's 3/39 deal with the Dodgers sets the bar for leadoff hitters.

Are the Sox also actively shopping Edgar Renteria? The main rumor is that ER would go to Atlanta and Tampa's Julio Lugo would come to Boston. According to the Globe, Atlanta wants Boston to eat a portion of the $30 million remaining on Renteria's salary. With Lugo at second or short, Boston asked the Angels about Orlando Cabrera and have pitched a Doug Mirabelli-for-Mark Loretta deal to the Padres.

Boston is talking with Oakland about David Wells; the A's are offering former Sox propsect Justin Duchscherer. ... Seattle has asked about Trot Nixon. The team has also discussed sending Nixon to Pittsburgh for either Kip Wells or Mark Redman.

The Courant reports that Peter Gammons says the Red Sox nearly canceled the Josh Beckett after viewing the MRI on the pitcher's right shoulder. ... Boston spoke with Detroit about outfielder Curtis Granderson. Other possibiliies for center field are Juan Pierre, Torii Hunter, and Juan Encarnacion. The Sox also have spoken to Octavio Dotel's agent.

Several MLB soucres claim that the Yankees lost as much as $85 million last year. ... And the Dodgers new manager? Grady Little.


sarah said...

i hate, hate, hate this proposed Edgar deal and I think the front office are a bunch of complete and total morons for even entertaining swapping edgar for lugo AND paying part of edgar's salary.
jesus i want theo back.

mouse said...

Well, they traded Dougie. Getting a guy like Loretta for him makes for a very good deal (a slugging 2B for a backup catcher? I can't believe San Diego agreed to this...), but I have to wonder how this will effect Wakey. Think Kelly Shoppach will get a chance to win the job in ST, or will the GM committee look for a veteran?

And Sarah, I gotta agree with you on the rumored Edgar deal. I mean, Julio Lugo? Are they serious?! He had an almost as bad defensive year as Edgar in '05 and his hitting isn't exactly on the Michael Young/Jhonny Peralta level. If they're going to trade Edgar (which I really hope they don't) they've got to do MUCH better than that.

Sean O said...

Well, as it is now, the Edgar for Marte deal could be among the greatest thefts in baseball history. Marte could be an utter freak at Fenway, I'm talking 40-50 homers and above average defense, and we manage to dump our underachieving shortstop as well. I don't care how much of Edgar's contract we have to eat up, TAKE IT.

Marte, as a 21 year old in AAA Richmond (with a PF of .938, so pretty much an extreme pitchers park), hit 20 homers in 389 at bats while putting up a .275/.372/.506 line. he is BP's #1 prospect in all of the major leagues in 2005.

We absolutely must complete this deal. I will buy a Marte jersey within the week if this happens, because I have that much faith in him.

Sean O said...

"Braves sources told that money is the only thing standing between Edgar Renteria and Andy Marte changing teams.
The deal remains close. According to, the Braves could include another prospect to get the Red Sox to kick in more money."

WOOHOO!! Give them the money!