February 5, 2006

Beckett Signs

The Red Sox and Josh Beckett split the difference in their arbitration submissions, agreeing on a one-year, $4.325 million contract. Coco Crisp is the only remaining arbitration-eligible player.

The Los Angeles Times, reports that the Red Sox offered Manny Ramirez to the Angels in exchange for Ervin Santana, Chone Figgins and two of the Angels' top four prospects (possibly SS Brandon Wood and 2B Howie Kendrick). Boston also wanted Anaheim to assume almost all of the remaining $57 million on Ramirez's contract.

I love Manny, but I would do that deal yesterday (and twice today). Obviously, the Angels said no; whether they were able to stifle their laughter was unclear. ... It sounds like the team is content with Manny staying. In this case, they ask for the moon, get shot down, then tell Ramirez "Hey, we tried."

Jack McKeon likes Alex Gonzalez:
He's the whole package, man. ... He was the greatest guy I've ever seen on the pivot, just spectacular. People say, 'Oh, this guy can't replace Renteria. For my money, he can. Yeah, Edgar might hit 20 points higher, but he ain't going to field with this guy. This guy is special. I'll tell you one thing. Those Boston pitchers are going to love having him and Mike Lowell on the left side of the infield. Pick up the phone and call Beckett. I'll bet you two bits he's glad they're there. Vacuum cleaners.
Well, he's clearly not the whole package, but I do look forward to seeing him in the field.


L-girl said...

I guess it's that kind of package that doesn't hit.

I don't like when someone raves about a shortstop's ability to pivot. It's like complimenting a writer on his typing skills.

Jack Marshall said...

Remember, everyone, that Gonzalez is statistically very, very similar to Orlando Cabrera. A bit less power, probably, but also perhaps a bit better afield. Seems to me the Sox did pretty well when Cabrera was at short, but I could be mistaken...

Donald said...

Maybe he was similar offensively to Cabrera last year, but career-wise, he's not even a Cabrera, let alone a Renteria.

redsock said...

The Cabrera Era was wonderful, but the man has a career OPS+ of 83 over nine seasons (ages 22-30).

He has never been even a league-average hitter in any season. His highest? 97 with the 2004 Red Sox (though for the entire year, it was 79).

But his Handshake+ was off the charts.

Sean O said...

Cabrera's handshake was off the charts, but his handshake+ was actually only around a 105.

Best handshake+ in the league? Brett Boone, 127. Who would've guessed?

Red-Sox-Rumors said...

I have to admit myself that this will be the first time (ever) that i'll be looking forward to seeing the sox as fielders...

In the past I couldn't wait for them to get 3 outs so as to watch them at-bat!

Now, though, I'll be looking forward to watching our new SS field a "hit" into a DP and etc.

We'll hit plenty with Ortiz, Ramirez, Nixon, Varitek and the rest... but for the first time in my fandome I'll be paying attention to more than pitching and hitting!!

I do reserve the right to complain and bitch, but I think it will be a fun team to watch this year!!

Thanks, T - SoxSpot.com

Jack Marshall said...

What was the last really good defensive Sox team? I'd say the 1975-80 edition, which featured a Gold Glove outfield when Yaz was in left (Yaz, Lynn, Evans), Burleson at short, excellent defense at third until Hobson took over for Petrocelli, excellent defense at 2nd (Griffin/Doyle/Remy), and of course, Fisk. At first base, George Scott had lost his edge by the time the Sox got him back, but in his first hitch, he was the best I ever saw.That was a terrific team to watch in the field. The 2006 infield should be good, but the outfield won't hold a candle to the Seventies Sox.