February 15, 2006

Monday -- Truck Day

(Photo by SoSH's amh03)

More photos at MLB and the Globe


Jack Marshall said...

Well, I've now heard the same strange logic from about 10 "experts," who somehow predict that NY pitching will be better than Boston's because the Sox have "question marks." The Yankees have nothing BUT question marks in their rotation! Johnson is unbelievably old, coming off a year of decline, fewer Ks and more homers. Mussina is 37 and clearly declining, and fast. Wright and Pavano are hurt or about to be hurt. Wang is a second year pitcher, and we know what can happen to them. Small had the fluke year of his life, is a career-long mediocrity, and is no kid. Chacon, based on his past, also pitched way over his head. The Sox have more quality, more depth and fewer questions.

The Yankee bias of the sports media is simply astounding.

DanM said...


Pitchers, catchers and rookies report today! And so it goes . . .

Life don't get no better than this!

redsock said...

Re Pavano:

Back of the Thursday's Post: "Broke Back"

He'll miss 2 weeks.