February 23, 2006

Steinbrenner Predicts Yanks Title

Love the sunglasses.


Sean O said...

I like the Yankees' strategy this year. Just keep saying you're going to win it, instead of actually doing anything to better the team. Awesome.

The Yankees disgust me on so many levels, it's shocking. I can't believe anyone with a soul could support that team.

Zenslinger said...

Some of my best friends are Yankee fans.

It's a huge problem in my life.

DANNDANN said...

Johnny Damon is obviously an upgrade but Farnsworth? He'll choke more than I do on salads.

Blind Swipe said...

Nothing better to improve the team?

Wow, I guess you've been under a rock all winter.

Johnny Damon (remember that guy)
Kyle Farnsworth
Octavio Dotel

Those are three key additions to a team coming off of a divisional title and 95 wins.

One thing's for sure, the Yankees own the AL EAST and I don't see any moves that drastically improve the Sox, other than re-signing their GM.

grunherz said...

"... the Yankees own the AL EAST

Yeah so uh, how's that been working out for ya?

Sean O said...

1). Johnny Damon, the singles hitter without power who was completely a product of Fenway? Good luck with that career .251 BA at Yankee Stadium, in several hundred at bats.

2). Farnsworth once lost to an oscillating fan. Every other year he is successful, and he is enough of a mental case to implode under the NYC spotlight.

3). Dotel? I'm not too worried about someone who will be there for all of 3 months, if you're lucky. Also, I'm terribly afraid of his 6.9 BB/9 from 2005, and his 4.09 ERA in 2004.

The Braves own the NL East, what's your point?

So many children invading Sox blogs, it's unfortunate.

Blind Swipe said...

Sean O

Over the time that the Yankees owned the AL East, it's worked out a lot better than it has for the Braves and Red Sox COMBINED.

4 rings over that time period is how it's worked out. You as a Red Sox fan have only ever known what's it's like to win one. So quit beating your chest as if you've accomplished something monumentous when you're just a one-hit wonder that's reached its expiration date.

Silly children in RSN who have no grasp of anything beyond thier own bubble. It's beyond unfortunate, it's downright pathetic.

redsock said...

You as a Red Sox fan have only ever known what's it's like to win one. So quit beating your chest as if you've accomplished something monumentous ...

Maybe one day, we deluded Red Sox fans'll find out what it feels like to drop a seven-game series to our top rival when we're up three games to zero and are a mere three outs away from a sweep with the lead and the greatest closer in the world on the mound ...

I'm sure if that ever happens to us, we'll also consider it not very monumentous.

It's beyond unfortunate, it's downright pathetic.

So why's a big-time winner like you wasting your time with us deluded losers?

Devine said...

In 2005, I once saw a Yankee fan on a Red Sox blog say (more or less), "The reason I respect the readers of this blog is because I've never heard one say, 'It's okay if we don't win this year, we won last time.' A true fan knows the team is only as good as its latest accomplishment." A Sox reader replied, "Yeah, and what's great about that is, you never hear Yankee fans mentioning the number of championships they have won. Not a single Yankee fan does this."

So, yeah, history is effing history there, blind swipe.

Here's an idea: no talking until April...when things actually happen.

Sean O said...

You're right blind swipe, I hope some day to become as great as you, trolling the pages of a team I don't support.

I can't think of Yankees fans without the soxaholix strip, where the incognito Sox fan at Mordor, after being asked how long he's been a Yankee fan, answered "Since the first time Daddy fucked me," really loudly.

Tremendous. But go back to being a winner blind swipe, posting to sox forums from your parents' basement. If only I had your life.

Jack Marshall said...

George guaranteeing a title should thrill Sox fans as much as it should chill Joe Torre. This simply means that that the pressure is on, and it's on a very, very old team that has no bench to cope with the injuries that are bound to occur.
Fransworth is a downgrade from Gordon; Dotel is this season's Felix Roderiguez. Of course Damon is an upgrade over Williams/Womack...it's not enough, nowhere close. A century of their team's using its wallet to steal players and exploit impovershed owners in Boston, Kansas City and Chicago has made Yankee fans arrogant and corrupt. Luckily for their character, the current century will set them staright, beginning with this season.

A little night musing said...

Torre's a standup guy. I only wish he worked for a boss who wasn't a nutcase.

This BoSox fan in Yankee land would just like to add. . . I've been a Soxaholic for long enough (since pre-'67) to qualify. . . there is something about love of the BoSox that Yankees fans will never comperehend. The most telling thing I can say about living in NY is that, the year when some team (must have been the Y's, but my jaded brain refuses to recall) made the Series but didn't win, there was a discussion about whether or not to have a parade for them - the idea being that it was emabarassing to get to the Series but not to win. Worse than not making the Series at all. [Having a parade a BFD in this town, requiring as it does shutting down most of the financial district to traffic.]

I lived here (Yankee land) in the doldrums of the '80's, when attendance at Ruth's House [whose house? OUR HOUSE!] was so low that they were reduced to giving away tickets, which was how I managed to take my young son to his first ball game as an impoverished single parent. Sox won, BTW, and I think we saw Yaz hit one of his last few HRs. On the way home, waiting for the subway, we were subjected to a young (20-something or less) Yankees fan trying to impress his Dad by chanting "Red Sox suck," as if that would negate the game which had just occurred.

In which WE WON.