October 7, 2006

Detroit Top Yankees 3 Games To 1, Will Face A's In ALCS; Mets Sweep Dodgers


Jere said...

With the taste adults have GROWN to love!

Peter N said...

Sweetness plus, from sea to shining sea. I bet you get a small package tomorrow (Monday). Let me know! Have a wonderful Sunday. I'm still basking in the glow that was yesterday.

L-girl said...


1. Cross-border mail is very slow. The package will not arrive for at least another week.

2. There is no mail delivery this Monday in Canada. It is Thanksgiving here.

3. Allan will email you when the package arrives.

4. Please calm down.

Peter N said...

OK..I'm calm. Actually the post office employee that I gave the package to said that anything cross-border, as you put it, is slow. I'm just excited for you. We have the LCS games in the interim. Take care.