October 1, 2006

G162: Red Sox 9, Orioles 0 (5)

Devern Hansack pitched a no-hitter!

Sort of.

After a 3:23 rain delay, Mike Lowell clubbed a three-run home run in the first to give Boston a quick lead. In the third, a bases-loaded walk to Carlos Pena and Gabe kapler's three-run double upped the score to 7-0. Mark Loretta and Eric Hinske hit solo home runs in the fourth and fifth innings, respectively, for the other two runs.

Hansack (5-0-0-1-6, 61) retired 14 of the 15 batters he faced (six on strikeouts) and picked up his first major-league win. He walked Fernando Tatis in the second, but then got an inning-ending double play. It will not be recorded as an official no-hitter, since the game did not go nine innings.

The game began at 5:28. As Hansack was finishing his warmup pitches for the sixth inning at 7:05, the umpires called for the tarp.

An odd way to end the season.


There's a chance of rain this afternoon. Lineups for the final game of the year:
Roberts, 2B Nixon, RF
Patterson, CF Loretta, 2B
Mora, 3B Ortiz, DH
Tejada, DH Lowell, 3B
Tatis, LF Varitek, C
Gomez, 1B Hinske, 1B
Newhan, RF C Pena, 1B
Fahey, SS Kapler, CF
Chavez, C Cora, SS

Hayden Penn (13.76) / Devern Hansack (5.40), 2 PM

Will this be Trot Nixon's last game in a Red Sox uniform? ... Penn has made five starts this year and pitched out of the fourth inning only once.

To finish in a second-place tie (and not in third), Boston must win this afternoon and the Yankees have to beat the Blue Jays.


Woti-woti said...

Sportsnet intro. to Jays/Yanks final with our boy Buffy trumpeting the Jays' "higest finish since 1993" complete with Wagnerian background sound. The horror, the horror.

redsock said...

They might finish higher than third place for the first time in 13 years?

How nice for them.

Get ready to pop that cork, Buffy!

Roger Davis said...

Actually, the Jays HAVE WON 2ND, even if the Sox tie for the same number of wins the Jays finish 2nd because of their better record against the Sox this year.

Manny has already finished in third.

redsock said...


L-girl said...

Roger Davis, your team finishes, what, 11 games out, because its closest rival was destroyed by injuries, and you put on your caps lock? Get over yourself. You root for the friggin Blue Jays. You should show a little humility.

Jack Marshall said...

On April 27, 1968 the Orioles' Tom Phoebus no-hit the Sox in a 5 inning game and got a lot of fanfare for it. The game was listed as an official no-hitter until it was de-certified shortly after Matt Young's ugly losing 8 inning no-hitter against Cleveland with the Sox 20 years later. This is pay-back. That game always pissed me off, because Phoebus was nothing, and the Sox were a good bet to catch up, even down 6-0.

Lamoid said...

"You root for the friggin Blue Jays. You should show a little humility."

Yeah cheering for first place teams takes some special talent...

redsock said...

Yeah cheering for first place teams takes some special talent...

1. The Red Sox haven't finished in first place for quite awhile.

2. And if you are referring to Laura's former fondness for the Yankees, please note that we spent lots of money -- and way too many after-midnight hours on the D train back to Brooklyn -- going to games in the Bronx during the less than successful 1987 to 1993 seasons.

3. Judging by your comment, you apparently never want your team to finish atop its division. That's odd.

L-girl said...

Yeah cheering for first place teams takes some special talent...

Who here roots for a first-place team? I don't know about you, but I root for my team no matter what "place" they're in.

From 1975-2003 that was the Yankees. Many non-first-place finishes in there.

From 2003 until forever it is the Red Sox.

It's my second marriage.

And what's your problem? Who are you, anyway?

redsock said...

There is a baseball-loving student named lamoid posting here who lives down the road in Oakville.


Jack Marshall said...

Wow...someone actually suggested in print that rooting for the Boston Red Sox is EASY. How quickly they forget.

Being a fan is only a breeze if you don't really give a damn.That has never applied to Boston fans, and never will.