October 8, 2006

The Party Doesn't Stop

Happy Yankee Elimination Day!

In a SoSH thread begun by Mourning Woodward Jr (no link available), various posters submitted "limericks and haikus dedicated to our dear friends in the Bronx". A sampling:

Tudor Fever:
Work the pitch count? Nah ...
Let’s bench HGH and use
Melky Cabrera.

Bandwagon empties
as MFY get shitcanned
while the Mets advance.
Yank fans can't believe
That Jeter could ever lose
So they blame A-Rod.

Best line-up ever?
The Gambler and Bonderman
Turned their bats to dust.

Hey, MFY fans
Want to hear "Enter Sandman"?
Take a trip to Shea!
Damon made mistake
Signed with a choking franchise
What an idiot

Yankees bandwagon
Has no passengers aboard
Where did they all go?
I have no poetry, but ... A-Rod was hitless in his final 12 at-bats, dropping to 4-for-41 (.098) with no RBIs in his last 12 postseason games.
An arrogant hitter named Sheff
Walks around like a cocky Hugh Heff
But this once-great hitter
Has tanked in the shitter
And now only brags to the deaf

Joe sent out a starter named Jaret
Even though Yankee fans couldn't bear it
Under pressure Wright drowned
And he limped off the mound
Like his ass cheeks were clamped 'round a carrot
Tudor Fever:
I'm sipping fine Scotch
A fine October tradition
Man, this is great!


Ben said...

How's third place treating you? Good, huh?

redsock said...



Ben writes a short post
Who cares what the fuck he says?
It's '07 now.

Jere said...

Ben: "1918!"
But now Sox have bragging rights.
So Ben changes rules.

Pokerwolf said...

Yankees fans talk lots
Try to talk history
Always forget '04.

"We did better than you!"
Doesn't change that the Yankees
Choked another one.

Lineup of All-stars
Against that batting lineup
Pawtucket would win!

redsock said...

Choke gag choke gag choke
Win loss loss loss -- ha ha ha
Choke gag choke gag choke

Jack Marshall said...

OH NO!!! First Jason Johnson, and now HAIKUS!!!

Jere said...

That 27th
championship is always
the toughest of all

redsock said...

Torre pushed out door?
Hey George, please listen to me
Give job to Zimmer.

Jere said...

Torre's back, from what I hear.