October 13, 2006

Red Sox Hire Dave Magadan

The Red Sox have hired former San Diego Padres hitting coach Dave Magadan, but have not announced what specific job he will have (it may not be in Boston).

A SoSHer dug up these quotes:

Kevin Towers in 2003: "Magadan is fully aware of the importance of getting a good pitch to hit and constantly stresses patience at the plate. He has been outstanding and should be a great teacher for many years."

A Baseball Musings post from David Pinto: "One thing I liked from this is using hitting coach Dave Magadan to make the players more selective at the plate. ... His approach to hitting is excellent, and it will be interesting to see how he performs as a hitting coach."


Jere said...

Magadan? That dude's 1987 Future Stars card was HUGE. We all thought we'd be independently wealthy by hangin' on to that one.

And Lou Piniella, whose voice I'm hearing now on the Fox broadcast, is his cousin. At least he's not actually named Piniella. Maybe he'll lose our lineup in the sun for most of the year and then luckily reach out at the last second and make them hit better at the very end, or something.

Peter N said...

And what about our new pitching coach, whose role is more fully defined?? His name? John Farrell. Not related to Mike. And hey guys, how did you enjoy the too brief NESN Papi special? I really think NESN could have stretched it to 50 minutes plus. But it made me smile. And shed a tear or two. And that's the best praise there is. Stay well. Let me know if you enjoyed....Peter.