January 26, 2007

Drew Deal Final; Announcement Today

Update: Done Deal.

Fifty-two days after the initial announcement of a deal, the Red Sox will finalize their 5/70 contract with right fielder J.D. Drew this afternoon.

Edes, Globe:
[S]ources with direct knowledge of the negotiations said all parties have signed off on an agreement ... giving the team the right to void either of the last two years of the deal, or both, should Drew's right shoulder render him unable to play. ...

[I]f Drew goes on the disabled list in his third year for issues related to the shoulder for a proscribed length of time, the Sox have the option to void the final two years. If he winds up on the disabled list in his fourth year, the Sox have the option of voiding the final year.

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Anonymous said...

One wonders if the saga on the Drew deal will set a precedent for similar contracts in the FA market. Though lacking Drew's documented medical/surgical past, could a contract structure such as this have kept Pedro in Boston?

Theo and The Trio have already been proven right in not buckling to Pedro's demands for the 4th and 5th year, a problem that is now Omar Minaya's to deal with as the Mets anxiously monitor the post-surgery Petey and his eventual rehab in New Orleans.

If he had signed for a guaranteed 3 years with a 4th/5th year option with health-related language (assuming he would have gone along with it), the impact he would have had every 5th day for the last two seasons would have been incalculable.

If necessity is, truly, the mother of invention, I believe the Drew deal will in time have many siblings. Yes, Boras lost a great deal of leverage when Drew walked away from the 3/$33MM in LA (still an incredible set of numbers), but in the end it sounds like a win:win deal for both parties.

We'll know soon enough.