October 29, 2007

Only About 15 Weeks ...

... until Truck Day!

There will be plenty of stuff going on until then though -- there is no off-season when it comes to the Red Sox.

The front office will be making decisions on the following players: Mike Lowell, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, Mike Timlin, Doug Mirabelli and Julian Tavarez -- as well as Eric Hinske, Bobby Kielty, Brendan Donnelly, Craig Breslow, Matt Clement and Royce Clayton.

There will be a lot of A-Rod talk and questions about the future of Coco Crisp now that Jacoby Ellsbury has arrived. And naturally, there is the soap opera playing out in the Bronx.

So stay tuned.

Fun Facts: The Red Sox .333 team batting average was the 2nd best in World Series history (1960 Yankees, .338); their .411 OBP was also 2nd best (1932 Yankees, .421). ... The Sox's 29 runs were the 3rd best for a four-game sweep, trailing the 1932 Yankees (37) and 1989 Oakland Athletics (32). ... Boston is the first team since the 1927 Yankees to have its starting pitchers win all four games of a WS sweep.


9casey said...

Congrats to all Red Sox fans especially those of Joy Nation, ...I have a little superstition story to tell......When my father died , who was a rabid red sox fan, in 2001 , my sisters since then have always thought that he comes back in different forms , stray cat that won't leave, Bird on sill for months...etc. and I always said they were nuts...Well on the night the Red sox went down 3-1 to the indians my light next to my bed was on and right above my headboard was a ladybug, the next morning when my wife got up she there is a lady bug by the bed can you put it outside, I told her no can do.....that lady bug stayed in and around that same spot....until this morning I cant find it anywhere.......

The Joy of Hot Stove starts when L, and Redsock get out of rehab..alot of JD went down North of the Border....

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...

My opinion, fwiw:

Mike Lowell - keep, multi-year deal
Curt Schilling - keep if can get 1-year deal
Tim Wakefield - keep if can get 1-year deal, but move to BP
Mike Timlin - bye-bye
Doug Mirabelli - bye-bye
Julian Tavarez - bye-bye
Eric Hinske - bye-bye
Bobby Kielty - keep if can get reasonable deal
Brendan Donnelly - evaluate based on recovery - can replace Timlin
Craig Breslow - who?
Matt Clement - bye-bye
Royce Clayton - give him a taco.

A-Rod - sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan. I'm serious.
Coco Crisp - trade, if you can.
Jacoby Ellsbury - the future. Worth a development year playing full time, even if performance drops off.

charlie pioli said...

I'm sorry I wasn't blogging here last night, but it doesn't really matter, the sox still won the FUCKING WORLD SERIES! You should have seen my school in Portland, there is a handful of redsox fans, and we were all representing. Also, I won $20 of some yankees bitch.
I know there is no offseason as a sox fan and I'm going to be checking this blog everyday. It's good to have a break though because my nerves every game are getting to me. I think they should sign Lowell!
Anywho, I think we deserved this championship. And Fuck The Yankees!
We are only 19 titles away from tying those bastards!!

Rob said...

This morning in southern Maine, the temperature got down to 31°, and during the day, it never got warmer than 47°. Northern Maine (Presque Isle, Caribou, Fort Kent) is expecting about an inch of snow tonight.

It's pretty fitting for the first day of the off-season.

What are you and L going to do this off-season?

Rob said...

A-Rod - sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan. I'm serious.

I think it'll take a lot to tear me away from the Red Sox, and I'm sure A-Rod won't be able to do that, but I'll be very angry if they sign him. Not because he was a Yankee, because a lot of people were Yankees. It's because of his personality and just how ostentatious and gaudy of a person he is. His disrespect for the game and the entire world centering upon him, and not on the Boston Red Sox.

Rob said...

I'm going to be checking this blog everyday

It's going to be hard to decrease how many times I check the blog to just once a day. It's become that much of a staple in any time I spend on the internet.

truth said...

Westcoastsox, I second that emotion, sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan. If you're trying to build a ballclub of character, not characters, hooker-loving StrayRod can't be your offseason signing.

I watched local news coverage of the Red Sox return & Tavares knows he is leaving.

Mikey Lowell is saying all the right things, but I think in the back of his mind he's thinking, you're not going to give the World Series MVP 4 years you're not going to sign the World Series MVP.

He has to know this is his last contract and he needs to maximize his value.

In my mind, he's worth it.

Amy said...

A-Rod - sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan. I'm serious.

I feel this way also. And I heard several Red Sox fans say this today at school. After hating this guy for all this time, finding him an arrogant pig, I just don't see how I can root for him or for the team he is on. It would break my heart, but rooting for him require more hypocrisy than I can tolerate.

Charlie said...

Any chance JoS can host a petition to RS management imploring them not to sign Pay-Rod?

The Nation needs to send a strong message and JoS has the reach to make it happen!

s1c said...

A-rod - California Angel. If, and I repeat if the story about Gump being bought out by the Dodgers to be replaced by Torre, then Moreno will want to make a big splash. Also, Scioscia said all year they needed more pop to protect Vlad and he will provide that. Look for the Angels and the Cubs (pinella is a big fan) to be the players in the A-rod sweeps.

Will be sad to see Sexy Lips go, but he wants to be a starter so let him go.
Donnelly they need to keep.

Lowell needs to be resigned to a three year deal, if they are fair to him he will sign.

Schilling only wants one year, but look for Theo to flip him off.

Wakefield will be picked up 4.5 is cheap for 14-17 wins a year.

The rest of the free agents are spare parts and I only consider Hinske to be a good bench person to retain if he considers a reduction in salary. He brought energy into the games when he played and that is what you need from the bench.

As for the market, I say go after Santana. The Sox cannot afford to see him end up in the Bronx. Trade Coco, Lester, Hansen and one or two others (no to Buchholz) to get the best left hander in the game.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

A-Rod - sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan. I'm serious.

I hate A-Rod, but if they sign him they won't lose me as a fan. I've been a fan for over thirty years and there have been lots of players I've really disliked (including one on the team now- I won't mention any names)but somehow I've outlasted the players I can't tolerate.

I really hope they don't sign A-Rod, but I'll still be around if they do.

allan said...

Any chance JoS can host a petition to RS management imploring them not to sign Pay-Rod?

I'm not the guy to do this.

I'd be thrilled to watch a year of Tiz, MBM and Slappy hitting together.

laura k said...

I've been really busy, and just now catching up on comments.

9Casey, I love the ladybug story. None of us know what happens after life on this earth. The ladybug (stray cats, birds) could be what you think, who knows.

I'm sorry your dad didn't get to see 2004. Damn.

The Joy of Hot Stove starts when L, and Redsock get out of rehab


laura k said...

What are you and L going to do this off-season?

I'm going to watch movies!! I have two seasons in life: Baseball Season and Movie Season.

I actually look forward to the break from baseball. I don't do the Hot Stove thing. I take time off and refresh.

To the "sign A-Rod and lose me as a fan" crowd, you're not only showing your hatred for A-Rod, you're showing that your loyalty to your team isn't as deep as you pretend. If they signing one player you don't like - despite how good he is - you would turn away from your team? Your hatred of A-Rod means more to than the Sox??