January 4, 2010

Red Sox Sign Adrian Beltre

Peter Gammons reports the Red Sox have signed Adrian Beltre:
Beltre 1 yr. Deal for $9m with player option for $5m. Physical coming
Crasnick adds that there is a $1 million buyout for 2011.

Discussion at SoSH.
Gordon Edes, ESPN:
The Boston Red Sox have made an offer to free-agent third baseman Adrian Beltre, according to a major league source, but are facing competition from other teams, a list that could include the Orioles and Angels.

Terms and timing of the offer were not disclosed, but given the likely drop in Beltre's market, it would make sense for the Red Sox to have offered a two-year deal worth about $16 million to $20 million. ...

The source had indicated last week that even after the Mike Lowell trade with Texas was nullified by the Rangers, the Red Sox had quietly continued their pursuit of Beltre ... with Beltre close to making a decision.


Zenslinger said...

Gammons apparently was the first with the details of the agreement that seem to be in place: 1 guaranteed year at $9m, and another on a player option of $5m. Very advantageous for us, I think.

In the previous thread, I set a 2/18 ceiling for what I'd like to see the Sox pay. This is essentially 2/14, with a strong incentive for him not to hang around for 2011. If he plays poorly, paying him and releasing him for that second year isn't such a bad thing.

As someone said on SoSH, you have to like this deal unless you're Mike Lowell.

chief said...

ESPN now saying tentative deal reached.

SoSock said...

I've been waiting for this signing ever since the announcement of the Lowell trade. And I've hoped it would happen even after the Lowell deal fell through.

FenFan said...

So now what happens to Lowell? I can't see him backing up Youk if Kotchman remains with the team. Platoon with Beltre at third and Ortiz in the DH role?

Whatever the story, I agree that this is a good deal for Boston. Besides being a defensive improvement, his OPS+ is on par with Lowell, so there should be no loss there.

Ish said...

I heard weird little rumors of a Lowell-Luis Castillo trade perhaps, but I don't know what the Mets would do with Lowell, either. Mike's in a tough spot right now all in all.

Probably wait until spring training, see how he looks, have some scouts look at him and try a deal then?

9casey said...

Ish said...
Mike's in a tough spot right now all in all.

12 mil guarranteed , I would like that tough spot.