January 25, 2014

Two Weeks To Truck Day!

The Red Sox's equipment truck will load up at Fenway Park on Saturday, February 8!


allan said...

The 2013 DVD/Books arrived from Amazon yesterday! The 8-DVD box set, WS DVD, NESN's Band of Bearded Brothers DVD, and two publications put out through the Globe (and Triumph Books!): For Boston and Livin' The Dream. Looking forward to watching the videos this week.

allan said...

Anyone know anything about this Red Sox book from Rylin Media?

Zenslinger said...

Apropos of nothing. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but I was looking at WS history. The Red Sox have never lost the World Series in less than seven games. 46, 67, 75, 86.

For that matter, they've never needed seven games to win one, unless you count 1912, in which they needed eight (there was a tie game called for darkness!)

It occurs to me that the seven-game series are an objectively observable cause for the team's reputation of heartbreak and drama. How much less storied is our team if they bowed out in those World Series losses in four or five games?