February 28, 2014

Baseball Books Due In 2014 (Including DLUWT)

Ron Kaplan has posted a long list of baseball books set to be released in 2014. Under "Happy Anniversary", we find:
Idiots Revisited: Catching Up With the Red Sox Who Won the 2004 World Series, by Ian Browne (Tilbury). Did someone say anniversary? Only 10 years for this one. It was a doozy only in that it had been so long before the last Boston championship. I'm waiting for someone to write about the Playoffs against the Yankees that preceded the trip to the Fall Classic.

Don't Let Us Win Tonight: An Oral History of the 2004 Boston Red Sox’s Impossible Playoff Run, by Allan Wood and Bill Nowlin (Triumph). What did I just ask for?
Amazon states that DLUWT ($18.60, 25% off) is in stock March 3!

(I uploaded six pictures from the book here.)


allan said...

Looking forward to reading Ian's book. He also interviewed a few players (not sure how many), so there may be some new info there as well. ... The more 2004 stuff, the better.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Bought DLUWT. 3/5 expected arrival date. Loved the extract you showed, can't wait to relive the magic.

allan said...

Thanks! Hope you like it.

Tom DePlonty said...

Just got email from Amazon saying my preorder had shipped - I'm looking forward to reading this!

Kathryn said...

I have it in my hands! Looks great

Faithful Fan said...

Here's a just published book on the Red Sox from a whole new vantage point. Not to mention a great gift for the Easter basket of the die hard fan: Jesus and Red Sox Nation! (for real)