September 4, 2014

G140: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Red Sox - 102 010 000 - 4  7  0
Yankees - 003 000 002 - 5  7  1
David Ortiz hit two home runs to give Boston an early 3-0 lead. After New York tied the game, Brock Holt homered to put the Red Sox up 4-3. But then Koji Uehara allowed two solo home runs in the bottom of the ninth.
Brandon Workman / Chris Capuano


9casey said...

At Yankee stadium they actually play the PC Richard theme song after every opponent strikeout... Keep it classy New York... That is the very definition of sellout..

D.Ing said...

Memo to Farrell,
Shut Koji down for the year. He's exhausted, and it shows. And you know with that Japanese samurai mentality that he won't stop throwing or admit there's a problem until his arm falls off.

Spare us all the pain and humiliation. You would do it for any other player, any other position.