October 8, 2014

Everyone Loves A Contest #16

2014 Postseason Contest

Pick the winners of the ALCS, NLCS, and World Series (and number of games played in each series) and you could win a copy of Don't Let Us Win Tonight, autographed by both authors and Kevin Millar.

Tiebreaker: Guess the number of total runs scored in the World Series. (I have two signed copies of the book to give away, so we likely will not need a tiebreaker, but you never know.) Correct guesses can be either under or over actual amount of WS runs; i.e., if 50 runs are scored, 46 is as correct as 54.

For example:
ALCS: Royals over Orioles in 6
NLCS: Giants over Cardinals in 5
WS: Royals over Giants in 7
WS Runs: 50
Send your picks to me (joyofsox@gmail.com) before 8 PM on Friday.

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