February 25, 2015

Ortiz In Camp, Looking Fit

NESN's Don Orsillo snapped the above shot of David Ortiz arriving at camp yesterday.

Rick Weber, ESPNBoston:
Whatever he did in the offseason, it worked. He looked ripped, wearing a sleeveless black shirt that exposed massive, chiseled biceps on his 39-year-old body. And he felt good enough about himself to toss a little dig in the direction of Pablo Sandoval, chiming, "My belly hasn't grown like Panda."
Ben Cherington:
David knows he's going to be a Red Sox [player] as long as he wants to be a Red Sox [player].
Also, the Red Sox's signing of Yoan Moncada has Daily News columnist John Harper suggesting there is a new Evil Empire in MLB!


allan said...

CHB: "I broke my collarbone last month."
FY: "If you get smart with me, I'll break the other one."

Zenslinger said...

Nice work, Pedroia!