August 25, 2017

G128: Orioles 16, Red Sox 3

Orioles - 231 070 300 - 16 20  3
Red Sox - 020 010 000 -  3  6  5
Rick Porcello: 4.2-9-11-1-4, 101; only four of the 11 runs were earned, however.

Eduardo Nunez left the game in the second inning with a sprained left wrist and thumb. X-rays were negative, but Nunez may need an MRI.

In the middle of the fifth, Boston's R-H-E totals were: 2-1-5. ... Xander Bogaerts hit a two-run homer. ... Chris Young had two hits.

Mitch Moreland pitched the top of the ninth inning, allowing two hits and striking out one batter (Caleb Joseph, the first man he faced). When he went to the mound, Hanley Ramirez took over at first base, removing DH Chris Young from the game. However, in the bottom of the ninth, Young batted in Ramirez's place in the lineup. The Orioles, leading by 13 runs, did not protest (though they did apparently notice). (SoSH.)

AL East: The Yankees lost to Seattle 2-1 in 11 innings (Aroldis Chapman blew it (again)) and are 4.5 GB.


Bartman said...

Why were the Sox so hesitant to go after Bauer's curve ball?

allan said...

I didn't watch, but we did have the radio on for a few innings. I think Neverett said something about wanting to work the count.