September 13, 2017

Bradford: Eckersley Speaks For First Time About Price Incident

Dennis Eckersley spoke publicly for the first time about the incident with David Price, in an interview with WEEI's Rob Bradford.

On June 29, Eckersley had made a one-word comment ("Yuck.") when the results of a rehab start by Eduardo Rodriguez were shown on-screen. Later that night, Eckersley was confronted by Price on the team's charter. As Bradford puts it, "Price was waiting for him, supported by most of his teammates. The Red Sox left-hander lambasted Eckersley as a know-it-all who never made a mistake ... and Eckersley took his seat in shock."

Bradford rightly notes that if you listen to the "self-effacing" Eckersley on NESN, you will realize in about five seconds that Price's characterization is "laughable".

I was humiliated, to be honest with you. ... That was the first game of that road trip. That was difficult, those 10 days on the road, trying to have it not have anything to do with your broadcast. I mean, you're only human. ...

Ultimately this comes back to the dude doesn't like me. I get it. It's cool. ... He's not the first guy that doesn't like me. ...

A lot of these players think they want their mom and dad up here calling the game.
Listen to the 20-minute podcast here.

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