December 9, 2017

Not Good News: Giancarlo Stanton Traded To Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton - the 2017 National League MVP - is now* a member of the Yankees.

(*: Assuming he approves this deal and then passes a physical.)

New York has agreed to send Starlin Castro and two minor-league prospects (Jorge Guzman (rated as the MFY's #7 prospect by Baseball America) and Jose Devers) pretty much goddamn nothing to the Marlins.

The Yankees will pay $265 million of the $295 million owed to Stanton over the next ten seasons. Stanton signed a 13/325 mega-deal in November 2014. ... So think of this as New York signing a free agent Stanton to a 10/265 contract.

Stanton, who turned 28 about a month ago, led the majors last season in home runs (59), RBIs (132), and extra-base hits (91). He led the NL in slugging percentage (.631). His 59 dongs were the most by a player since 2001, when Barry Bonds blasted 73 and Sammy Sosa cranked 64.

Here's a lovely tweet from Jared Diamond: "Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius combined for 169 home runs in 2017. ... The Red Sox hit 168."

The Daily News' Mike Mazzeo writes: "[S]o much for the Bombers being considered 'likeable'."

Oh, please. Fuck that. Every person possessing an IQ larger than his shoe size knows that the Yankees have never been fucking likeable. And just because a bunch of idiots start chanting in unison that these entitled pinstriped dushbags are now likeable does not make the claim remotely accurate.


Jack Chip said...

MLB awards zero championship rings for likeability.

FenFan said...

Every person possessing an IQ larger than his shoe size knows that the Yankees have never been fucking likeable.

...and just wait until Stanton is struggling like Judge did this past season and the boo birds come home to roost. Think he's ever heard boos from the home crowd in Miami? Oh, right, they average as many fans per game as the Lowell Spinners, so probably not.

The Omnipotent Q said...

An interesting stat: Judge and Stanton are 17 of 93 (.183) against pitchers on the Red Sox roster with one home run and 37 strikeouts.

hrstrat57 said...

How does this differ from the Joe Rudi deal shut down by the commish in the 70's?

Wonder how much money #2 MFY pocketed in this deal?

Really, this slides with no complaints?

As if we didn't hate them enuff already.

Let's build a club to beat these pricks.

allan said...

Elias: "The only other team to lead the majors in HR and then add the individual HR leader for the following season was the 1920 Yankees, who acquired Babe Ruth from the Red Sox on December 26, 1919."