November 24, 2018

Sudbury, Wawa, Ignace, Brandon, Swift Current ...

Over five days, we have driven 2,980 kilometers. We spent Friday night in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, the third night in a stretch of sleeping in a different province for five consecutive nights. Tonight will be spent outside Calgary, and then we drive into the Rockies on Sunday.

If you have been following Laura's daily posts at wmtc, you will know we saw an actual, live wolf the other morning. And, on a pull-over to change drivers and let Diego pee, I found a small clearing where a bunch of animals had devoured most of a deer carcass. It seemed too close to the road to have been tracked and killed, so maybe the deer was hit by a car first and dragged off the road by wolves or coyotes (?).

Looking at the map of Saskatchewan, I found two towns very close together: Pennant and Success. Which reminded me I have some cool World Series-related prizes for a yet-to-be-announced contest: one copy of the 8-DVD box set and three copies of the official WS DVD. ... All I have to do is come up with a decent contest idea (or two).

(We drive through Medicine Hat, Alberta, today.)

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