March 14, 2019

Everybody Loves A Contest #24: 2019 Red Sox W-L

Opening Day is less than two weeks away (Thursday, March 28), so it's time for this year's Red Sox W-L Contest!

The person who correctly guesses Boston's 2019 regular season W-L record will win a copy of Jason Novak's Baseball Epic: Famous and Forgotten Lives of the Dead Ball Era.

Coffee House Press, which will publish Baseball Epic in April (and generously provided the contest copy), describes the book as "an offbeat and witty history of the scrappy beginnings of modern baseball told in 101 sketches and 101 miniature biographies".

Contest entries must be emailed to me and include the following two items:

1. Predicted 2019 W-L record
2. Tiebreaker: Jackie Bradley's OPS

As always, the winning W-L prediction must be exact. The tiebreaker, if needed, will be the closest guess, either over or under.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27, 11:59 PM (Boston time).

Good luck to everyone ... and fuck the Yankees.

1 comment:

allan said...

I got an email on Friday at 9:22 AM PST from an address that begins "OUTLOOK276A7CA". It does not seem like a real email address, but the prediction was for an extremely good season. And the message also included JBJ's 2016 OPS for some reason. If this is you and you are real, send it from a real email address, please.