October 25, 2020

Scoring In Eight Consecutive Half-Innings (A World Series Record)

The Rays and Dodgers scored in eight consecutive half-innings in Game 4 last night, setting a new World Series record.

Dodgers - 101 011 210 - 7 15 1 Rays - 000 113 102 - 8 10 0
They shattered the previous record of six straight half-innings, set by the Yankees and Dodgers in Game 3 of the 1947 World Series, on October 2, 1947.
Yankees - 002 221 100 - 8 13 0 Dodgers - 061 200 00x - 9 13 1
None of the previous 1,667 postseason games had scoring in eight consecutive half-innings, according to Jayson Stark and STATS. The Rays had never played such a game until last night. 

Stark wrote that the Dodgers have had five games with runs in at least eight consecutive half-innings in the last 120 years, but none since 2001, more than 3,000 regular-season games ago. . . . But he doesn't tell us when those five games were played! . . . "Since 2001": does that mean one of the games was in 2000?

Needless to say, my scorecard was a mess:

Much to my ongoing dismay, I have discovered that when you type on a keyboard far more often than you physically write with your hand, your handwriting goes completely to shit. It's very hard to fix. I've tried to consciously slow down and attempt to make each letter a distinct entity and I can't really do it. I'm thinking I need to re-teach myself to make the proper shapes for letters. I wonder how long that would take. I am also highly skeptical that I would practice on a regular basis to make sure I didn't undo it all.


laura k said...

Wow! I've never seen one of your scorecards with that much writing off the grid (so to speak).

My handwriting ain't what it used to be either. And you do spend your whole life typing.

allan said...

It was more than usual (radio silliness notes), for sure, though a few Red Sox postseason games are similarly covered.

Paul Hickman said...

Crikey, it reminds me of Dump's Healthcare Plan ...... almost indecipherable ! HaHa !