November 6, 2020

Alex Cora Will Return in 2021 As Red Sox Manager

Back in January 2020, a virtual lifetime ago, the Red Sox fired Alex Cora as manager. Xander Bogaerts was asked what he wanted in the next Red Sox manager.

"Someone like [Cora]," he said.

You got your wish, Xander. (After an abbreviated 2020 season with Ron Roenicke at the helm, that is.)

Although the news has not been confirmed the the team, it is being reported that the Red Sox have brought back Cora as the manager for 2021.

The Red Sox interviewed as many as nine candidates before paring their list down to five and then deciding between Cora and Sam Fuld, the director of integrative performance for the Phillies.

Ian Browne ( reports chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom was "thoroughly impressed by Fuld, a rising analytics guru and former Major Leaguer he had a strong relationship with during their years together with the Rays", but Cora's "experience in managing the Red Sox to a World Series championship just two years ago -- not to mention the strong relationships he has with ownership, the front office, the coaching staff and key players on the roster -- was too compelling".

Last week, Bloom and general manager Brian O'Halloran flew to Puerto Rico to meet with Cora. the fact that they flew to meet Cora rather than vice versa seemed like a solid sign Cora was a favourite.

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