January 26, 2021

No One Elected To Hall Of Fame In 2021

No players on the 2021 Hall of Fame Ballot provided to the Baseball Writers of America Association were named on the necessary 75% of ballots to gain induction. It's the third time in 50 years no one was elected from the writers' ballots (1971, 1996, 2013).

Curt Schilling was named on 285 of 401 ballots (71.1%), a bit better than his 70% showing last year, but still 16 votes short. Barry Bonds (248 ballots, 61.8%) and Roger Clemens (247 ballots, 61.6%) also fell short.

This was the ninth year for all three players. Next year will be his last chance on the writers' ballot.

Schilling has asked that his name be removed from the writers' ballot next year. Schilling being Schilling, of course, he needed 1,136 words to make that request; in fact, he wrote 1,030 words before even mentioning it: 

I'll defer to the veterans committee and men whose opinions actually matter and who are in a position to actually judge a player.

Schilling also dragged his wife's chemotherapy into the discussion, because anyone can see how that is critically relevant to a debate over the Hall of Fame "character" clause and Schilling's chronic hate speech and his support of cop-killing seditious insurrections:

But as I watch my wife battle cancer and go through the grueling soul crushing process of chemotherapy and see her hurt every time some idiot writes another hit piece linking to other hit pieces, none rooted in any sort of truth . . . I sure as hell don't want to dump any of this on a woman who just ended her 3rd chemo . . .

I want to know how Curt's wife knows when "some idiot writes another hit piece" on him. And it's a funny thing about those hit pieces, how they simply quote Schilling's own words. But anyway, if seeing these horrible articles causes his wife actual hurt, I doubt she willingly wanders the internet actively looking for them. How does she know they exist? How does she know what they claim?

As with just about everything Schilling-related, the upshot of all this is that he is an asshole who can't keep his yap shut when it would benefit him to do so and he has brought most of his unfortunate circumstances upon himself.


Unknown said...

great pitcher...such an ass.

allan said...

Calcaterra: "Schilling, you will not be surprised, took this news with Schilling-like aplomb: he filled his diaper in a social media temper tantrum . . . If he thinks he's gonna get better treatment from former colleagues who hate him, albeit for different reasons than everyone else hates him, I suspect he has another thing coming."

No one whines like an aggrieved white Conservative male. No. One.

laura k said...

Playing the My Wife Has Cancer card! A new low?

Nah, probably not.