June 14, 2021

Boston Pitching Staff, Especially Starters, Abused By Astros & Blue Jays;
Yesterday, Red Sox Allowed Eight Home Runs In A Game For The First Time

The Red Sox pitching staff has allowed 10+ hits in eight consecutive games, with the Blue Jays pounding out 20 hits yesterday and scoring in seven of nine innings in an 18-4 rout. Eight of those 20 hits were home runs, something no team had ever done against the Red Sox. The Red Sox also allowed season-highs in runs, hits, and extra-base hits (11).

In winning two of the first three games of the series, the Blue Jays have batted .383 (46-for-120). Nathan Eovaldi starts the finale tonight, Boston's 15th straight day with a game. They will play two more games, in Atlanta, before a day off on Thursday.

After beginning June with a 2.47 ERA over seven games, Boston's pitchers have a 8.50 ERA in its last six games, with the starters being pummeled for 32 runs in 24 innings (12.00 ERA). That abuse has come against the Astros and Blue Jays, who are currently first and second in MLB, respectively, in team OPS (.789 and .781).

Boston's starters had not allowed more than one dong for 46 straight games until Nick Pivetta allowed four on Saturday. And the Red Sox had allowed more than two home runs in any of their first 64 games before this past weekend, when Toronto clubbed five on Saturday and eight on Sunday.

Red Sox starters have pitched 5+ innings 53 times, third-most in MLB (Athletics 56, Dodgers 55). However, they have failed to last five innings in four of their last seven games (after doing so in 35 of the previous 38 games).

Red Sox Starters Pitching 5+ Innings
Entire Season:  53 of 66 games (80.3%)
May 2-June 6:   35 of 38 games (92.1%)
June 7-June 13:  4 of  7 games (57.1%)

Eovaldi allowed five runs to the Astros last Wednesday, including a season-high 11 hits and a season-high three walks. He has allowed two or fewer runs in four of his last six starts and eight of his 13 starts over the season. After 11 consecutive homerless starts (September 17, 2020 to May 16, 2021), Eovaldi has given up one home run in three of his last four outings.

The Red Sox (39-27) are 3.0 GB the Rays in the AL East. The Blue Jays are third, 7.5 GB, with the Yankees fourth, 8.5 GB. After tonight, Toronto will host the MFY in Buffalo for three games.

Various Factoids

Ryan Weber pitched 5.2 innings of relief yesterday, giving up 13 hits and 11 runs. He is the first pitcher since 1901 (and possibly ever) to allow 11+ runs and 4+ home runs and also strike out at least seven batters (5.2-13-11-2-7).

Weber is the first Red Sox reliever to allow 11+ runs since Hank Johnson (4-15-11-2-2) did so in an 18-3 loss to Cleveland on May 25, 1934. He's also the last relief pitcher (for any team) to allow 13 hits since Sid Schacht (3.2-13-12-2-2) of the Browns in the oft-cited 29-4 game against the Red Sox on June 8, 1950.

Most Home Runs Allowed By Red Sox, Game

8 - Blue Jays - June 13, 2021 (Blue Jays 18-4)
7 - Yankees   - May 30, 1961 (Yankees 12-3)
7 - Orioles   - May 17, 1967 (Orioles 12-8)
7 - Tigers    - August 8, 2004 (Red Sox 11-9)
7 - Orioles   - June 2, 2016 (Orioles 12-7)

(The Red Sox have hit eight home runs in a game twice, both at Fenway Park: July 4, 1977 (against the Blue Jays) and September 4, 2013 (against the Tigers).)

Sunday's gave was the third game at Fenway Park with 10+ home runs. There were 10 hit on May 17, 1967 (Orioles 7, Red Sox 3) and 11 hit on May 22, 1977 (G1) (Red Sox 6, Brewers 5).

It was also only the fourth game in MLB history in which six different players had 2 hits, 2 runs scored, and a home run in the same game.

June 28, 1939     - Yankees, 23-2 win against Philadelphia Athletics
May 17, 1977      - Cubs, 23-6 win against Padres
September 4, 2013 - Red Sox, 20-4 win against Tigers
June 13, 2021     - Blue Jays, 18-4 win against Red Sox

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