July 19, 2021

On Vacation

A Brief Note: I will be away from the computer for a few days and then on vacation from July 22 to August 6.

We are visiting family and friends in Oregon and California, a trip that we originally planned for April 2020. We will also be in attendance in San Francisco when the Dodgers play the Giants on the afternoon of Thursday, July 29.

The big SF highlight will be my appointment at Kayo Books, the pulp paradise where salacious and offbeat paperbacks from decades past are grouped under categorizes like "Ballbusters", "Lesbian Prison," "Nurse!", "Mods, Bikers & Drag Racing", "Hobos & Trains", and "Plane People" (books featuring people having sex on planes. It was a genre, apparently.) . . . I fear we may need to buy a second car to transport my purchases back home.


Paul Hickman said...

Sounds like my kind of place !

I love the idea of books that "bombed or otherwise" at the time of release, acquiring a cult following years or decades later - it shows that literature ( and us ! ) can evolve, just like the little spiky virus !

k r c said...

Safe travels! And I hope you share the titles, and possibly even the covers, to your haul from Kayo.

allan said...

I will share, I promise!

Also, in Portland: Powells (more books!!) & Voodoo Doughnuts!

Paul Hickman said...

Voodoo Doughnuts looks like a Hotel California style venue - the sort of place you enter & never leave .......

10 days later the Fire Brigade chops a hole in the wall for the Crane to lift you out & your Accountant insists you file for Bankruptcy, while your Doctor says he's never seen a Cholesterol level like that in a living person !

3 years later you are still dreaming of Doughnuts every night .......

Have several dozen for me !

laura k said...

What Allan hasn't told you:

The timing of this trip is for my mother's 90th birthday. All her children, grandchildren and their spouses, and the one great-grand will be there, coming in from many states and two countries to celebrate together.

Friends of ours who live in L.A. are coming up to San Fran, including one of my oldest and dearest friends. (Allan and I clearly have different priorities on this trip! :) )

allan said...

I said "family and friends" right at the top!

allan said...

Not wanting to bump the Vacation notice from the top post, I'll post these factoids here as a "hidden bonus track":

Last night, the Red Sox had 11 runs by the end of two innings for the first time since June 27, 2003 (when they got 14 in the first (and 10 before making an out!) and beat the Marlins 25-8; afterwards, their brain-dead fuckwad of a manager fucking apologized to the other team for scoring so many dang runs; AND their cock-knocking third base coach admitted trying to stem the tide of his own team scoring runs by sending runners to the plate knowing (knowing!!) they would be thrown out; AND the idiot manager - the very next motherfucking night - eased up on trying to score runs mid-game, assuming in his undeveloped pea-brain that his team had more than enough, only to watch with a confused grin on his face as the Marlins came back and won the goddamn fucking shitass game. But I'm no longer angry about all that.)

Good to Know: Hunter Renfroe joined Carlton Fisk as the only Red Sox batters to hit a first-inning grand slam against the Blue Jays on the road. (Fisk: September 6, 1977)

J.D. Martinez was the first Red Sox batter with 4 hits (including multiple extra-base hits) but 0 RBI since Sandy Leon (July 4, 2016).

Yesterday's Mets/Reds game was the first extra-inning game to end 15-11 since MFY/Tigers on July 25, 1953.

Also, thanks to Doug Kern: July 19, 2021 was the first day on which teams scored EXACTLY 18, 15, 14, and 13 runs since July 19, 1890. Exactly 131 years ago!!!

Zenslinger said...

Today's 7-4 win over the Blue Jays featured only one run out of the eleven to be "helped along by the dong".

And if you're going to Kayo Books, you realize that you're only two blocks from The Bar, where you have been before.

allan said...

I watched a recap and saw it was a Dong-A-Thon.

I vaguely remember meeting you at The Bar. That must have been on our 2003 West Coast baseball trip.

Today: Drive, ferry, more driving. PM in Everett, WA.

laura k said...

Allan says: Laura says it was 2010. . . . No clue why I said 2003. We did have a west coast baseball trip that year, but JoS was only about one month old at that time!

laura k said...

We're actually in SF at the exact anniversary of that visit. The impetus for the trip was the wedding of one of our nephews, and we're seeing that couple again on their 11th anniversary. It was SF, wedding in Napa, then Yosemite (our 2nd time there).

IIRC we met Zenslinger for dinner and also went to a game together. Good memories!