November 21, 2021

"In The Place Of These Glorious Scenes [Of One Of The Old-Time Seasons],
What Have We Now? Money, Money, Money!"

Just think of one of the old-time seasons, when the coming encounter of two of the crack nines of the principal clubs who met at the Elysian Fields was a topic in the city as general as was any important subject affecting the politics of the country. Then the meetings, too. The crowd used to get over early to get good places, and considerable fun used to be had in getting the field cleared for play. Then came the contest, with its earnest work to win, and the exciting scenes in critical emergencies. And after the battle was over, there came the gathering of the contestants, with "Three cheers for the Eagles!" "Now, then, three rousers for the Gothams!" "Altogether for the umpire, boys!" with a tiger. And then came the adjournment to the club rooms, where good cheer and hospitality prevailed, and kindly greetings marked the intercourse of the rival clubs.

In the place of these glorious scenes, what have we now? Money, money, money! Service sought for dollars and cents! A gather of gamblers whose blasphemy and obscenity is copied by the outside crowd of juvenile roughs, until the atmosphere of a ball ground becomes foul with vile language. Then, too, the various phases of latter-day professionalism, with the fraud-tempting pool-selling and the bought-and-sold "exhibition" games–what a contrast does this present to the glorious days of ten short years ago!

New York Sunday Mercury, February 9, 1873


Jere said...

I love when you find these.

FenFan said...

what a contrast does this present to the glorious days of ten short years ago!

This is the best part of the quote, IMO.