August 25, 2003

Ground Rules

Welcome to The Joy of Sox.

1. Be civil. Posts containing personal insults, as well as any bigotry, sexism or racism, will be deleted.

2. If you cannot be civil, you will be banned. Once banned, all future attempts to comment will be deleted, no matter how informative and friendly and wonderful those future comments may be.

3. I like facts and I encourage you to use them.

4. Don't forget your diaper!


johngoldfine said...

Wasn't there going to be a Rule 6, solely devoted to Fat Billy?

redsock said...

I figured I'd keep it serious.

But yes, anyone can say anything about the TCM at any time for any reason. Nothing is too offensive.

L-girl said...

And re #5, see #2.

L-girl said...

And re #5, see #2.

I think the rules changed, so this comment no longer makes much sense. But I found it in my Statcounter and came over to re-read.