December 24, 2005

Millwood Visits Boston

Kevin Millwood was in Boston yesterday, meeting with Terry Francona and other Sox officals. An industry soucre says the Red Sox have already made an offer of four years, but Millwood is looking for six years at more than $11 million per (which is what AJ Burnett got from the overpaying Blue Jays).

In his New York interviews, Johnny Damon mentioned several times that there was some other team that had offered him a six-year deal and John Henry said Scott Boras mentioned a firm 5/65 offer, but no hints have been offered as to the identify of the mystery team(s). ... Johnny Damon says that Manny Ramirez urged him to sign with the Yankees. Yawn.

The CF rumors continue: Coco Crisp, Corey Patterson, Joey Gathright, etc.

It looks like Troy Glaus will end up in Toronto (whew!). The Sox inked catcher John Flaherty and are one of three teams still pursuing 37-year-old JT Snow.


mouse said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Boston have an unwritten policy against signing pitchers to contracts longer than three years?

If we can get Millwood for a good price, he'd be a nice way to spend the money saved by letting Damon walk. But that's only if we can get him for a decent price, which is probably unrealistic considering who his agent is. Millwood was excellent this year with the Indians, but he's had too much inconsistency in his career to warrant handing him a long-term deal for A.J. Burnett-type money.

Are they looking at Snow as a guy to platoon with Youks at 1B a la Olerud last year?

Maybe we'll get a Christmas gift yet from the Red Sox. Have to wait and see, I guess. Happy Holidays, all!

Jack Marshall said...

Great editorial in the Globe today, suggesting that the Damon deal may have been engineered by George Costanza.

Mark me down as being affirmatively irritated by Damon's stupid comments. What's this, "I don't know how this could have happened" crap? It happened, Johnny, because you signed the contract on your own volition. Nobody held a gun to your head.

David Gourlay said...

Laughing that George Costanza brought Idiot to the Wankees. Likely true enough...I liked Johnny Damon a lot and believe he was a huge contributor to the 2004 season. However, we all need to know baseball is sadly a business and this is another example. It hit me when Pedro left Boston after 2004 and it smacked off opportunism. Then again, I am a former Expo loyalist, so accustomed to disappointments :)

Anyway, my point here is to say I think Gathright is the man for CF. Yes, he is very young, but has amazing speed and hits remarkably well. If he develops some patience at the plate and gets on, he could be huge for us.

Also wonder if Scott Hatteberg is a good option ? I like his gamemanship, attitude from Oakland and he is looking for a job. He may not be a starter, but can anchor 1B or 3B and DH. He is a true "Moneyballer" - gets on base and scores runs ! We need that now.