December 8, 2005

Who The Hell Needs A GM?

We give:
Edgar Renteria, Hanley Ramirez, Anibel Sanchez, Henri Garcia, Doug Mirabelli, Jesus Delgado, $ and a PTBNL
We get:
Josh Beckett, Andy Marte, Guillermo Mota, Mike Lowell, Mark Loretta, and Jermaine Van Buren
Damn! The "$" is not insignificant; it's about $11 million, which is what Boston will be paying Atlanta on ER's contract. I'm surprised someone took Rent's contract. I won't be surprised if 2005 is his worst year during the term, but if the team had any doubts about it, it's better to deal him now than after the second year.

Reading the papers, it sounds like the Sox will not flip Marte -- choosing instead to sign a free agent shortstop. Hey, Pokey and Nomar are both available.

As far as having three third basemen (Marte likely will be in Boston sometime in '06), I'm thinking Lowell or Youkilis will be elsewhere when pitchers and catchers report. ... Put Yook at first and get some sucker team to take Lowell. If anyone can do it, it's Boston's four-headed GM.


Sean O said...

I come home to hear that Tejada wants out of Baltimore. Like, that timing alone is fricking spectacular. Combine the Marte deal with news that I have a new job, and I am one happy camper today.

Go Sox.

mfried said...

Tejada's interest in a trade could make Gonzalez, Clayton, Reese seem totally uninteresting.

With Tejada we actually could afford to lose Manny.

mouse said...

No way in hell Baltimore deals Tejada to an AL East competitor without wanting blood in return.

It is kind of strange that Boston still doesn't have a GM given all these offseason moves. I'm still nervous about how well constructed this team is and how it will fair in '06, but no one can say they aren't trying to get things right. Among other things, they're gravitating towards youth, which if nothing else will help in the long run.

Mike Myers is signing with the Yankees. How long before Ortiz manages to take him deep next year? Any bets?

DanM said...

" . . . Boston's four headed GM. . ." You crack me up! LoL!!!! =)

DanM said...

ref:AP News - From Yahoo; Saturday, Dec 10, 2005

paraphrased from the article

The Red Sox sent a four-person crew to the general managers' meetings in November, and had a similar four-man group at the winter meetings this month in Dallas. Lajoie worked as the point man for the group, and various deals were assigned to individual members of the "Four Horsemen" to pursue.

The four -- Lajoie, Shipley, the 32-year-old Hoyer and the 31-year-old Cherington -- said the arrangement worked well.

Another name for the BoSox GM position - "The Four Horsemen". Apocalypse is what naturally follows, eh? According to Heritage dictionary - the complete and final destruction of the world. At least in the case, of the Nation - Red Sox Nation!!

redsock said...

... laying waste to the American League.