January 29, 2006

Link Cleanup

I removed some no-longer-being-updated blogs from the lists on the right, and fixed the minor league team links. There are some new Red Sox blogs I have listed in the past few weeks, so check out anything that sounds interesting.

If there are active Sox blogs you know about that aren't listed, let me know.


Yaz-Tex said...

Field of Dreams, The Sequel

Shoeless Joe: "Is this heaven?"
Ray Kinsella: "No, Joe, this is City of Palms Park."

Any Sox fan who finds themselves within 200 miles of Fort Myers owes it themself to visit this jewel of a ballpark, which I did last Saturday after extending a business trip to Tampa to see some friends who had recently purchased a winter home in Fort Myers.

We arrived at COPP at 8:00 am. on a pristine Florida morning. While the complex was closed, a friendly member of the grounds staff allowed us to walk through the CF gates, where the panorma of the park was breathtakingly beautiful.

While Winter Haven and the former Chain 'O Lakes training compound evoked a certain nostalgic charm, it is about as far removed from the COPP complex as Fort Myers is from Framingham. As those who have been there will attest, the complex is state-of-the-art in every respect, and is as flawless in form as it appears in function.

330 down the lines, 384 to center, not a weed to be found anywhere in the lush Bermuda turf, which was mown as close as you would find on a golf course in the fringe around a putting green. For those in the great unwashed that do not understand Spring Training as "a time when all things are possible", a 10-minute walk around the warning track at City of Palms Park last Saturday morning would have made converts of them all.

Juxtaposed to this visit was the scene 2 hours later in the gift shop at the TPA airport, 10 minutes from the spring compound of the Evil Empire: racks of those cheesy Majestic t-shirts in Yankee blue with the sinister "NY" on the front, and "DAMON 18" on the back.

The season cannot start soon enough....

Johnny said...

LoveofSox.com is still alive and well.