February 11, 2006

"Panic In The Streets Of Boston"

Yeah, it's a regular Pamplona over on Landsdowne Street.
New Jays to put 'panic in streets of Boston'
By Mike Rutsey, Toronto Sun

Season ticket holders already giddy with glee over J.P. Ricciardi's new acquisitions were treated with more good news last night. ...

Paul Godfrey, the Jays' president and CEO, was in full cheerleading mode, lacking only the pom-pons [sic]. "There is excitement in the streets of Toronto. There's panic in the streets of Boston," he exclaimed in his introductory remarks.

Ricciardi was brief in his remarks and guarded in his optimism. "Hopefully, our club will play up to its capabilities ... I think we'll be better than last year."


grunherz said...

I love how the conventional wisdom just assumes that the Yankees are going to run away with the division and the Jays are all of a sudden going to be nipping at their heels.

I think we Red Sox folk are going to have a lot of fun this year in spite of the "conventional wisdom"

Bring it.

Sean O said...

But at the end of the day, they still have to live in Canada.

redsock said...


Zenslinger said...

Could be worse.

I can't hate the Jays because they're not the Yankees. So it's with a slight feeling of regret that I express my hunch -- which is there is going to be some disappointment in Toronto this season. The team will be more exciting but also a source of frustration on their way to 84 or 85 wins.

Jim M said...

Yes ....they are so excited in Toronto that I was able to get seats 6 rows behind the Red Sox dugout for the April 21-23 series.
Yep......they are rabid about the Jays up there.