January 21, 2007

"All-Ego Team" (Updated!)

You know those free Metro newspapers that people read on their way to work on subways and trains? Small tabloids with wire-service articles so short they make USAToday look like the New York Times? This weekend, in the Toronto edition, sportswriter Marty York writes:
BoSox Could Be All-Ego Team

The Boston Red Sox may soon need to enlarge their clubhouse. It might be the only way to squeeze the colossal egos of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Manny Ramirez into one room.

Don't laugh. The Sox seriously would like to sign both Bonds and Clemens ASAP.
Huh. Who knew Manny had a colossal ego?

York repeats what he heard from "a BoSox source" -- the club thinks it would be "quite appealing" about having Bonds and Clemens together in Fenway. "Money isn't a concern for us," said the source. "We'll pay the luxury tax if need be. ... These guys are volatile and moody, but they'd give us an edge, even at their age."

Supposedly, Bonds would alternate between DH and left field and Ramirez would switch over to right on some days.

I can't find a link to the online version of this column and none of the Boston papers have anything. ... John Henry has said he'd like to sign Clemens, but I don't put much stock in York's report. I'm passing it along.

Update: I have found another writer who is trying to sell the Bonds/Sox angle: our old friend Murray Chass. A few days ago, Chass wrote:
Six weeks after they agreed to terms on new contracts, Barry Bonds and J. D. Drew remain unsigned. Bonds hasn’t signed with the Giants; Drew hasn’t signed with the Red Sox. That prompts a thought. If both contracts were to fall through, the Red Sox could sign Bonds to play left field and move Manny Ramírez back to his original position in right.
Thanks to Seth Mnookin, who rightly calls this "perhaps the all-time most idiotic idea ever". Seth has also solicited, and has put up on his blog, some of Chass's email to his readers. Good for a laugh.


Woti-woti said...

Marty York is a hack asshole. He covers the Canadian Football League whenever somebody will give him a job. I'd have a stroke if he had any contacts with the 'BoSox'. He's covering baseball in the winter in the world's largest hockey market for a giveaway rag? Sweet Jesus. I wonder if he knows Dr. Smirnoff?

Joel said...

this is so stupid...its hilarious really...there is no way the sox would want barry. share DH positions? HAHA...manny next to pesky's?? HAHAHA...theres no way he could cover that area...he'd have a stroke...and besides...the scorebourd door is in left field, that means no time-outs for manny...hahaha....

L-girl said...

He's covering baseball in the winter in the world's largest hockey market for a giveaway rag? Sweet Jesus. I wonder if he knows Dr. Smirnoff?

This is great, Woti.

I think everything in those free rags is lifted from the parent paper. I'm not sure anyone actually writes for the freebie paper itself.

Btw, writers' work is generally re-used without additional compensation - another reason to not read them.

Jere said...

Isn't the "Barry to Boston" rumor, like, a month old? Didn't we all talk about this during the Manny trade talks this most recent time? Is this just new because it's Barry in addition to Manny, as opposed to Barry FOR Manny?

Either way, I hate how newspapers do that. To call the Red Sox the "all ego team", whether you put a question mark after it or not, makes casual fans think, "Okay, I'll remember that. Red Sox=Egos." And as we know, one of the players they mention doesn't have a big ego, and the other two AREN'T even on the team!

Peter N said...

Now wait!! And it's nice to be back here, as always. But Bonds on my (our) Red Sox? Uh-uh...nope...but I did read the article, and I have heard a little about this. I thought the writer was on drugs or smething. Not you! BB is HATED in San Francisco......there is no way he will move to our Fenway. In my perfect world.... Take care...always great to be here!
WOW! You got my emotions boiling! The definition of a great post!

L-girl said...

BB is HATED in San Francisco

Ha. Have you been there or watched games from SF? Believe it or not - agree with it or not - Giants fans love Barry. They love him as much as Sox fans love Manny. Which is to say, there are some who don't, but most do.

Woti-woti said...

Plus if you've ever watched Giants' games on MLB-EI (and you shouldda while you had the chance), the Giants' broadcasters (Kuiper and Krukow) LOVE Bonds. Whether it's genuine or the party line, it's obvious.

San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

As a resident of San Francisco, I can confirm that Barry is VERY loved here. I am always amazed when I go to games at Pac Bell, SBC, AT&T Park that Barry ALWAYS gets a standing ovation. Steroids or no steroids - he is loved.

Woti-woti said...

Murray sets the record straight in this morning's NY Times. He was jokin' all along. Only one of his emailers got the joke. Great job Murray. I guess Marty thought you were serious, too.

Funny how many people took Chass' remark as a stupid suggestion rather than a joke.