October 13, 2007

ALCS 2: Spiders 13, Red Sox 6 (11)

Spiders - 100 311 000 07 - 13 17 0
Red Sox - 003 030 000 00 - 6 10 0

ALCS tied 1-1
After Kevin Youkilis lined out to center in the bottom of the ninth with Jacoby Ellsbury carrying the potential winning run at second, Boston had their best hitters up in the bottom of the tenth. But against Tom Mastny, David Ortiz (bbcb) grounded out to second, and Manny Ramirez (bb) and Mike Lowell (cb) both flew out to right field.

Jonathan Papelbon pitched the ninth and tenth (throwing 36 pitches), so Eric Gagne began the top of the 11th. He fanned Casey Blake, but gave up a single to Grady Sizemore and a walk to Asdrubal Cabrera. Terry Francona brought in Javier Lopez to face Trot Nixon. Dirty Hat lined a single to center, scoring Sizemore and breaking a 6-6 tie that had stood since the sixth inning. After a wild pitch made it 8-6, Victor Martinez was intentionally walked and Ryan Garko singled in another run. Jon Lester took over. Jhonny Peralta's double made it 10-6 and after a second out, Franklin Gutierrez's three-run dong to deep left made it 13-6.

Facing Joe Borowski in the home half, J.D. Drew opened with a single and Coco Crisp singled with one out. But Julio Lugo grounded into a 6-4-3 game-ending, series-tying double play. Time of game: 5:14.

Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell hit back-to-back home runs in the fifth inning. Lowell also had a two-run single in the third.

I figured the teams would split the first two games, and they did, though this route is a bit tougher to take. Still, I cannot fault Francona's bullpen management at all.

Cleveland's trio of Jensen Lewis, Rafael Betancourt and Mastny shut down the Red Sox when it counted, allowing only one baserunner in the 6th through 10th innings.


Grady Sizemore, CF        Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Travis Hafner, DH David Ortiz, DH
Victor Martinez, C Manny Ramirez, LF
Ryan Garko, 1B Mike Lowell, 3B
Jhonny Peralta, SS J.D. Drew, RF
Kenny Lofton, LF Jason Varitek, C
Franklin Gutierrez, RF Coco Crisp, CF
Casey Blake, 3B Julio Lugo, SS

Fausto Carmona / Curt Schilling

Not that I necessarily need to be doing shots of Pepto and getting all sweaty-palmed when watching a game, but I was considerably more nervous during many mid-season games that I was last night. Beckett was in total control throughout and the Boston bats collected 12 hits (five doubles) to go along with eight walks.

Odds are tonight will be a different story.

The Red Sox hitters have not seen much of Carmona. Youkilis has faced him five times and Coco Crisp, David Ortiz and Alex Cora have seen him four times. Most of the PAs were in his win over Boston in late July.

Cleveland's batting numbers against Schilling are here.


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ish said...

You know it's been a long night when Uncle Joe talks about how disappointing it is that the Red Sox got to both Sabathia and Garko by the 5th inning of the first two games.

ish said...


redsock said...

there's a dong.

Sarah Gates said...

Well crap. I was joking when I said I should just go to bed, but maybe I was right.

ish said...

Well, on a lighter note, the bases are empty...

Amy said...

Well, that's the game.

ish said...

Well, it's certainly not a Red Sox postseason without a little fear and loathing.

redsock said...

everyone starting with "well"

they get 7, we get 8? why not?

Amy said...

That's pretty funny about all the "wells." At least you made me smile.

At least we and the team have a day off from baseball tomorrow night.

Sarah Gates said...

forget 8. make it 9.

Sarah Gates said...

let's go On Fire!

ish said...

Well, guys. It all starts with the lead-off man.

redsock said...

can we get gagne to pitch a little bit for clev?

Sarah Gates said...

Amy and I have been waiting for this from you Tek - don't let us down...

Sarah Gates said...

or not.

Amy said...

How about Tavarez or Snyder instead of Gagne in the WS?

Yeah, two on.

Really Drew Bledsoe said...

The Sox need me in their pen.

Sarah Gates said...

Again I love Coco. And here's RS's MVP to show us his bad self...

redsock said...

lips isn't on the roster. snyder might have been a better bet -- in retrospect, at least.

hits, slugo, hits.

Amy said...

OK, at least it is over, and I can go to sleep before 2 am!

ish said...

A Borowski-type closing.

This assures a Game 5, and Monday night we'll hop onto the roller coaster that is Dice-K.

Night guys.

Sarah Gates said...

Good night guys. Still thinking Sox in 6, so they had to get a few for that to happen.

Amy said...

Off to bed. Have a good day tomorrow and Monday, all. And for those of you who work tomorrow, hope you can get to sleep quickly.

ish said...

It all started with Gagne.

ish said...

Francona: This was probably the most exciting game I've ever been a part of.

He also went on to say when asked about the momentum, "If this game does us in, well, then we weren't as good as we thought we were."

Bartman said...

"Facing Joe Borowski in the home half, J.D. Drew opened with a single and Coco Crisp singled with one out."

And that "one out" would be who?
Someone who might want to try for batting his weight?

ish said...

Varitek K

ish said...

I don't think this loss will be too tough to handle. You start all over and look at this series as a best-of-five now. Sure, the pitching is a little jumbled up, and Cleveland's got the home-field advantage, but this is a whole new series now.

It's too bad the Red Sox couldn't drop Eric Gagne from the roster and replace him with Sexy Lips, but that's okay.

The advantage of this five-game series is the Red Sox know what they're up against in Sabathia and Carmona. Cleveland has seen Beckett and Schilling. Advantage: Red Sox.

3 games in Cleveland, 2 at Fenway. Advantage: Cleveland

Daisuke pitching on a "comfortable mound" in Cleveland against Jake Westbrook.

Westbrook (July 23 at Cleveland):
6 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 4 BB, K, Loss to Jon Lester

Matsuzaka (May 30 in Boston):
5.2 IP, 12 H, 6 ER, 0 BB, 4 K, 1 dong, Loss to Paul Byrd
(July 24 at Cleveland against Sabathia):
7 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 5 K

s1c said...

well that loss sucked. what is even worse, is some reason my laptop is unable to connect at the freeking place we are staying. Decided to go eat at panera and here I am.

Can't complain about the way Terry handled the bull pen. Two key areas in the game was the lead off walk that MDC gave up and if Schilling hadn't of missed his location so bad on the batter before brak brak, he probably escapes.

Daisuke - need him to come up big in Cleveland!!

nixon33 said...

man TOUGH loss...
still bothering me. thank god we play tomorrow.

i know tito has to go to whoever he can in extras, but when gagne came in, everyone in my section said "OH NO" together.

the wild pitch scoring the run is what killed me.

after the bats kept battling and coming back and taking the lead for the sox, you felt they were going to win.
the 3 run HR schill gave up after we took the lead was a momentum killer, BIG TIME.

l-girl is TOTALLY right on though, we dont have to sweep. i think we were getting a bit spoiled, but it would have been nice to get a W after you knock our carmona in the 5th.

in other news, we had pretty good seats last night. 3rd base side first row "under"

Sir Jahmez said...

Gagne sucks. I am still mad at him. Want to lose a game? Bring him in. I think he can't handle Fenway. Period.

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