October 12, 2007


Fill those seven hours until game time ...

Andrew has a legnthy preview at 12eight.

Zach Hayes of Fire Brand of the AL will be exchanging e-mails with James Pete of Tribe Report throughout the ALCS. Haynes also has a two-part ALCS preview -- Know Thy Enemy I & II -- and he predicts Cleveland in 7.

Paul SF at Yanks Fan-Sox Fan says Red Sox in 6. He also links to some old newspaper articles about Manny Ramirez. Laura and I were living in Washington Heights when this series came out in 1991.

Josh Wilker of the Cardboard Gods blog interviews Akim Reinhardt, author of "Ruling Pine Ridge", an acclaimed study of the political history of the Lakota reservation, "about Yankees, Indians, and the possible spiritual implications of a plague of midges".

A short piece on Cleveland's lame slogan.

Rob Neyer: Cleveland and Colorado.

Tim Kurkjian: Red Sox in 7 and Diamondbacks in 7.

Michael Silverman of the Herald: Red Sox in 6.

Peter Gammons, ESPN:
They are the Yankees, so two hours after their season turned to winter, there was a cellphone conversation about what could be packaged with Chien-Ming Wang to get Johan Santana ...


tim said...

Computer-generated image of the new Yankee Stadium?

s1c said...

The Hartford Courant is saying that Danny Vinik will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch tonight. story here.

Colin said...

Computer-generated image of the new Yankee Stadium?

That is fucking hilarious.

Ofer said...

Jose Melendez' KEYS (http://www.keystothegame.blogspot.com), as always, are a good read... I especially like the part about how Cleveland should start knitting 'scarlet hosiery' to keep up with the Sox having the advantage in number of indians.

CaKeY said...

Oh yeah! Well... I've got... starting lineups at MYYY forum!!

Zenslinger said...

New York Times article on Papi's regimen of video between at-bats...even more work on that than I thought.

Never thought I'd see him compared to a "hacker" and "computer nerd".

Need the NYT registration to follow that link.