October 30, 2007

CHB: Don't Know Much About History ...

In his October 27 column about newer Red Sox fans, the CHB wrote the following:
The Red Sox haven't clinched a World Series at Fenway since Sept. 11, 1918 (the Series was early that year because of World War I) when Carl Mays beat the Cubs, 2-1, in Game 6. There were only 15,238 in the stands (none in Monster Seats - there was no Monster) when Les Mann hit a grounder to second baseman Dave Shean for the final out.

Babe Ruth was standing in right field scanning the stands for chicks when Shean tossed to first baseman Stuffy McInnis as Joe Castiglione bellowed, "Can you believe it?"

Actually, I made some of that up. Joe Castig wasn't really there, no proof on the Babe, and McInnis did not have the baseball authenticated to set up a college tuition fund for his kids. ...
You would think that the guy who turned the idiotic Curse into a cottage industry during the 1990s -- talk about setting up college tuition for his kids (and grandkids)! -- would know that Babe Ruth was a left fielder during his Red Sox career.

(While the CHB was not the first sportswriter to suggest that the ghost of Babe Ruth was haunting the Red Sox -- that happened towards the end of the 1986 World Series -- it is not altogether incorrect to say that he invented the Curse.)

Ruth also played first base and some center field, in addition to pitching. Hall of Famer Harry Hooper -- the team's captain in 1918 -- was in right field.

Even during his 15 seasons with the Yankees -- imagine thinking that being Babe Ruth in New York City during the Roaring '20s would be some kind of punishment that demanded some after-life spooking -- Ruth played a ton of games in left field: 857, compared to 1,127 in right.

Babe Ruth never played even one inning of right field for the Boston Red Sox. Just another example of Shaughnessy's tenuous grasp of Red Sox history.


GK said...

All of us at Red Sox nation should set up a retirement fund for CHB and a college fund for his kids and grand kids. All this with only one condition, - "just go away CHB no more of your nonsense. RSN is not made of angst ridden "hatable" losers like you. Just go away"

Sully said...

What gets me is that he manages to get a dig in at Mientkeiwicz (no idea if I spelled that correctly) over the World Series ball from 2004, although he did nothing wrong, and has only been vilified after Shank put forth a Red Sox front office agenda-driven column calling him out. His pathetic self-servitude knows no bounds.

CaKeY said...

AND he's friggin' ugly!

L-girl said...

AND he's friggin' ugly!

Someone should make a CHB Halloween mask. Truly scary!!

What am I saying, probably hundreds of Boston-area kids wore that the other night.