November 16, 2007

Lowell's Choice: Good Or Evil?

It looks like Mike Lowell has two contract offers to choose from: the Red Sox or the Yankees. Boston has offered 3/45. WBZ-TV reports the Yankees have offered 4/56-60, as long as Lowell moves to first base.

Curt Schilling:
If it's three years and $45 million here and three years and $49 million or $50 million somewhere ... he's staying here. I would bet my bottom dollar he's staying here, just in knowing the man. But if someone offers him four at $58, or four at $60 and he's at $40, do you blame him? No, you don't, and you can't.
G38 is right. I would not blame him. In fact, I would encourage him to take it and wish him well.

Boston's offer is too high for me, both in years and $. Was Lowell's 2007 season worth $15 million? I say no. But if you think it was, then the Sox are willing to paying him that amount to have a 2007esque season in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Getting that kind of value for their money is highly unlikely.

Rob Bradford reports that "Lowell said earlier this year that he wouldn't be adverse to making the move to first and has no problem joining the Yankees, who drafted him."

If the Chokers sign Lowell, he would not play third, because Alex Rodriguez has signed a 10/275 deal to remain in Gotham. Fruitbat, looking at Slappy's deal and Dumbo's recent 4/56 payday, wants a fourth guaranteed year added to the team's 3/45 offer, which would pay him about $15 million at age 42. CI may have some tax problems (SoSHer Mike in CT has dubbed him "Captain Untaxables"). Shemp had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, but should be fine by camp.

Here's the tentative 2008 schedule. The Red Sox play their first five games in three different countries. They end the regular season at home against the Yankees.


redsock said...

How many days ago was it the Yankees were insisting they would never never never talk with A-Rod if he opted out?


Hank: "We're not going to back down. It's goodbye."

Stefan said...

Is the A-Rod deal finalized? Everything I've seen just say they're "close".

Colin said...

Goes to show the level of backbone in the squad Steinbrenner has running.

I'm still hoping for Lowell coming back to the Boston fold, but I won't be mad at him if he chose otherwise. I just really don't want to have to see him in pinstripes...

chris said...

4/60 for lowell at first would be PERFECT. I would love to see that. A good guy gets paid, and the yankees aren't helped as lowell hits for crap for the next 4 years.

redsock said...

Speaking of Schilling, he says he'd support John McCain in the 2008 US presidential election.

"I'm voting for the guy that I know is going to be the same person four years from now that he was when [he was] elected. I need to trust somebody ... I need somebody that I can trust to do right by the country and stick to their guns."

Not that he'll get the chance to actually cast a vote for McCain, but Schilling should still do a bit of research into McCain's habit of changing his beliefs.

Google "mccain flip-flop" and you'll see that bloggers can barely keep up with the task of documenting the pandering.

Woti-woti said...

Pro athletes, relative to other professions like doctors, lawyers etc., have relatively brief peak earning years. Especially when they hit their mid-30's. Take it while you can and more power to the Doctor. The "hometown discount" usually involves the athlete recovering said discount via future earnings in that town through connections provided by ownership, team sponsors, well-heeled fans(I won't speculate about the latters' ROI). If not, then I hope the athlete has an honest financial adviser. And why would you give a billionaire a discount?

No doubt Lowell can make the switch to first base, but he had his Fenway swing down perfectly and the cavernous left field in Yankee Stadium may not suit (who knows how the new Toilet will play). Let the Yanks take the gamble by guaranteeing 4 years. Good luck to Mike personally, just not against the Sox.